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Changing Lives Through Fitness In Naperville

Top Level Fitness Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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Changing Lives Through Fitness In Naperville


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Strength and Conditioning 2 near Naperville

Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning classes are designed to help people of all fitness levels find success. We’re combining strength, agility, and athleticism into a dynamic program that is great for people all across Naperville. Learn more today!

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Strength and Conditioning 2 near Naperville


Our Metabolic program can help you better understand your body and better identify the training strategies you need to achieve long-lasting success. These tests are the perfect way for athletes of all abilities to thrive.

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Strength and Conditioning 2 near Naperville

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program will help you turn your hard work into real results. With the right fuel, you'll lose weight and build muscle faster than ever! Sit down with one of our experts or get remote coaching and total accountability through our online training.

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About Top Level Fitness

Are you ready to reclaim your fitness, build new heights of confidence, and revitalize your health

Our team at Top Level Fitness is here to deliver high-quality fitness training to men and women across Naperville. We have years of experience helping people lose weight, build muscle, and become the best they can possibly be. When you train with us, no obstacle is too great, no goal is too big, and no aspiration is too challenging. 

Let us introduce you to the 3 Crucial Pillars of a Sustainable, Healthy, and Effective Body Transformation

Pillar #1: WORKOUTS

Start a training program that perfectly balances technique, volume and intensity

Pillar #2: NUTRITION

Enjoy our personalized meal plans that will fuel you in a healthy and non-restrictive way

Pillar #3: SUPPORT

We'll help you stay accountable and on the right track through genuine connections

Our “Three-Pillar” approach to tackling your fitness goals has got you covered on all fronts. Just like a three-legged stool, kick one leg out from underneath, and you’ll fall right on your butt. But we won’t let you down! Our Program will not only give you the stability you need on your fitness journey but maximize your success!

Our members lose weight, gain strength, sleep better, enjoy more energy, and experience a total life change.

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