What to eat before your workout

What to eat before your workout

I’m not an emotional guy, but dang – every time I see someone work out on an empty stomach, I get sad.

Because Oh My Goodness how are you going to exercise with your tank on empty? It’s like racing your car with no fuel in it.

You may not be aware of this yet, but pre-workout-nutrition will make or break your workout.

And you might’ve heard that working out on an empty stomach will ‘burn more fat’..

That’s marginally true, but you’ll burn way more muscle than fat. It’s not worth it.

If you want to look good naked, shift your focus on ‘eating to perform’ rather than just cutting out food.

Here are the 5 major components your pre-workout meal needs:

>>>>> Protein <<<<<

.. for the amino acids. Try to get the same amount of protein in you get with other meals.

Usually you need 10{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} of your calories in grams of protein per day.

So if you’re at 1500 calories a day, you’ll need 150 grams protein per day.

Divide 150 grams by the amount of meals you have per day and you’ll have the amount of protein you should have per meal.

(1500 calories -> 150 grams protein -> 5 meals/day -> 30 grams protein per meal)

>>>>> Carbs <<<<<

.. because they fuel high-intensity workouts. Without them you’ll be dragging an invisible piano around the gym. Or you’ll look like you are.

Again, some might say you burn more fat taking no-carbs during your workout.. but that’s ineffective. Your workout shouldn’t serve to burn fat, it should serve to build muscle and burn calories.

The remaining 23 hours around your workout, those are the hours where you burn that fat (by cutting out sugar).

>>>>> Little bit of fat <<<<<

.. to keep your blood sugar from crashing. 1 tbsp of Peanut butter, or if you eat eggs or red meat there’s enough fat in that.

>>>>> Easy-to-Digest <<<<<

Whatever foods you can easily get down. Like some sweet potato instead of homemade lasagna. Don’t eat foods that ‘weigh you down’, you want the food to be converted to energy quick.

>>>>> Sodium <<<<<

.. keeps you hydrated and improves your muscular contractions. Usually if you use high-quality salts throughout the day (like Himalayan Sea Salt) you’ll be fine.

Now it may be daunting to put this all together, but if you eat what you know you should, than most meals will meet all the above standards..

But in case you have no idea where to start:

  • Try out some Beef/Bison meat with jasmine rice and a handful of greens with strawberries in them.
  • Or for ultimate convenience, make a shake out of protein powder, 0.5 cup oats, and blueberries.
  • Or any type of meat + berries combo is good really.

As you see, fruit is all good before your workout. If you want to look good, remember:

>>>>> Eat to burn fat, lift to build muscle, do cardio to feel good <<<<<

Eating properly pre-workout will have you building more muscle, and you’ll be whistling and skipping through your office like Cinderella or something.
Hope this helps – have an awesome Tuesday,


P.S. If you workout first thing in the AM, then yeah you don’t have time to roast a turkey. So keep it light. At the very least, have a cup of coffee with some fruit (Grapefruit is good because it prolongs the effects of caffeine)