Top Level Fitness News

Top Level Fitness News

First we want to thank you all of you for taking the survey. We really apreciate all the nice words, support and suggestions. We’ve reviewed them and we’ll do our best to implement most of them. A lot of you requested new ways to keep you motivated and accountable that is why we came up with some new programs that will help you do exactly that. As a matter of fact we will introduce some new things that we believe will help you achieve better results while having more fun, starting from this week.

Here is a list of new things that we will start implementing this week:


 1. Members Rewards Program

All full time members will be rewarded for their hard work and effort. In both studios – Naperville and Chicago (Lincoln Park), there are boards with your names on it. Starting tomorrow, June 4th you can earn points for the following categories:


Attendance = 1 point per day/max 5 points a week

Facebook Check In with Comment = 1 point per day/max 5 points a week

1lb. of weight loss =1 point

1{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} Body Fat Loss = 2 points

MyFitnessPal log in = 1 point per day

Bring a Protein Shake at workout = 1 point per day

Referrals  = 5 points per referral

Reviews (Google, Yelp)/ Blog comment       = 1 point per day


Here is how it is going to work:

Every day when you come in you’ll add your points on the board for the day by yourself. For example: you worked out that day 1 point, you checked in on Facebook with comment 1 point, you log your meals in MyFitnessPal 1 point, you brought your protein shake with you 1 point, that is total of 4 points for that day. If you plan or have more things that will earn points for that day, write them down. It will be up to your honesty to write down the exact points. It will be up to us to randomly check your points and delete all points if you cheat. 🙂


And here is what you’ll be rewarded for your points:

• 150 points = Water Bottle / you could get those points in about a month.

• 300 points = Lunch Bag / you could get those points in about 2 months.

• 500 points = T-shirt or Tank Top / you could get those points in 4 months.

• 1200 points = Gift Certificate for Spa, Massage or Restaurant/ you could get those points in 8 months.

You can redeem your points for any reward you want.

P.S. There will be banners with the points break down in both studios, but in meantime we will have handouts for you to take with you.



The LEADERBOARD will be combination of few things we’re implementing to track your progress in more depth, to keep you accountable and keep you motivated.

Weekly Weigh-Ins – Your progress need to be tracked and recorded so we can help you reach your goals. Every Monday or Tuesday, whenever is your first workout of the week, you should weigh yourself in and record the date and weight on your goal sheet. Ask the trainer for your sheet if you don’t know where it is.

By-Monthly Fitness Performance Testing – Every other month we will do fitness performance testing where you’ll be doing basic exercises like: maximum pushups in 1 minute, max squats in 1 min, max pull ups in 1 minute, max burpees, max leg lifts etc. Everyone will have your own sheet where you will record the repetitions and work hard to improve those numbers. You’ll compete in some way with other members, but the biggest competitor will be YOU.

Nutrition Accountability – For all members who will be part of the Facebook Group, we will check their MyFitnessPal logs and give feedback. See below for more details.

On the LEADERBOARD we will have the names of the best overall results. BTW you can challenge the person on the board at any time in any category.


3. Facebook Support Group

We have created a Facebook Support Group (closed one) were access will be given only to the members who need more support and accountability in reaching their fitness goals. Everyone who is interested to become part of this group please send us a private message on Facebook to be added to the group.

Link to Our Facebook Account <===

Here is what you need to qualify for the group:

Mandatory Weigh In every Monday or Tuesday, whenever is your first day for the week, and record your weight and date in your Goal Sheet.

Mandatory My Fitness Pal meals log in for at least 3 days a week. We will review your logs once a week and give you feedback if improvement it os needed or you’re on right track.

Mandatory end of the week check in – We found that having someone or group of people keeping you accountable about your goals will help you double or triple your results. Check Ins will be at the  beginning of the week, preferably Monday, and you need to answer or comment on this questions:

a) Positives for the week – For example: your weekly weigh in was on track, nutrition on track, you’re motivated, you feel full with energy and ect.

b) Negatives for the week – You missed a workout this week, you went out and eat bad this week, you didn’t sleep well for some reason, etc.

c) Things you want to share with the group – Delicious recipe you made this week, something you’re doing that is working for you to keep you on track with your progress.

d) Questions for us (tag us if you have question for us) or question for the group. Asking question in the group will allow others to learn stuff they maybe never thought to ask before. Also it will allow others to share their experience with you.

Those are some of the changes we will implement in our programs. Like we said at the beginning of this blog post we’ve reviewed your requests from the survey and we will do our best to implement most of them. Please leave us a comment or ask us questions in the comment section below, or email us at if you have any comments or questions.