Top Level Fitness Charity Workout

Top Level Fitness Charity Workout

LogoEvery month on Saturday morning here at Top level Fitness we’re hosting a Workout for a Cause where we invite our clients and the local community to join us for a great workout and support a good cause with a small donation.

As a personal trainer my biggest motivation to do what I do is to help people. But also my goal in my life is to be able to help and people who are not just looking to lose weight and get in a better shape. And thanks to our Top Level Fitness family and my clients and their proposals for organizations we can support and their generous support, every month we’re raising more and more money to help people in needs. For example last month we succeeded, cash and gifts, to raise more than $500.

This month on proposal on my client Susan Kranz we’re hosting a workout to raise awareness about ALS, also known as “Lou Gerhig’s Disease”, and raising money to support patients undergoing clinical trials across the country.Susan

In March of 2013, Cindy Crowe was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease), an incurable and progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis. Her mother died of this same disease when Cindy was 15 years old.

Cindy’s response to this news has been typical of her giving nature. “How can I support research in ways to improve treatment for patients with ALS?” She is determined to fight ALS and is voluntarily participating in an important research study with Cornell University. Travelling to New York for the research treatments is a challenging undertaking since Cindy has become confined to a wheelchair. With this in mind, Cindy has decided to raise funds to help ALS patients participate in research studies to combat this disease.

Cindy’s friends, family and colleagues have formed a non-profit organization called Crowe-Wentzel Winning the ALS Fight. In a few short months Cindy’s Champions have raised over $30,000 to fight ALS.

You can read more about this effort at

The process is very simple; just come in for our Workout for a Cause this Saturday August 24th at 9 am, bring as many friends as you can with you and be ready to burn some calories. The workout it’s open to ANYONE, clients, non-clients, friends and family members.

To attend the Saturday workout, for all paying clients it is voluntary donation in whatever amount you choose and if you choose so, for all non-clients we ask for $10 (or whatever heart gives you).

For every friend (non-member) you bring, Top Level Fitness will add additional donation of $5.

Thank you and I hope to see many of you this Saturday August 24th, 9 am at Top Level Fitness.