Top Level Fitness 6 Weeks Challenge – Workout #2

Top Level Fitness 6 Weeks Challenge – Workout #2

We’re at the end of our second week of the 6 Weeks Challenge. I’m really excited to see how many people are really engaged in the challenge working out hard and following the meal plan.

This week we have another team challenge workout. Little different but challenging enough:)


Here is the workout #2:

 Station 1

1. KB Squat + Upright Row – 15 reps

2. Rope Waves

 Station 2

1. Dips – 20

2. High Knees

 Station 3

1. Push Ups – 15

2. Prowler Push

 Station 4

1. TRX Squat Jumps – 20 reps

2. Leg Lifts


Repeat each station twice before moving to the next station.


Rules of the challenge:

  • Contestants are divided on 2 teams – Green Team and Blue Team. Each team member needs to complete all the exercises and all the reps.
  • There is NO ONE LEFT BEHIND rule.
  • There will be 2 members max on each exercise and they need to repeat the exercises on that station twice (2) before moving to the next station. The team members do not continue or start with next station until other members finish their exercises at that station.
  • Fastest team going through the stations wins the round.
  • The team who will win 2 of 3 rounds is the Winner for the Challenge of the Day
  • All members that take part in this Saturday Challenge are scoring extra point going towards the team points ONLY.
  • All team members from the winning team are scoring additional point going towards the team points ONLY.
  • Let the best one win!


If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below.









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