Top Level Fitness 6 Weeks Challenge – Workout #1

Top Level Fitness 6 Weeks Challenge – Workout #1

Hope you all had a great week and you liked the “How To Get Everything Done in 2013” email I’ve sent you yesterday! If you do, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Ok…now let’s go over to our Challenge Workout #1 I have prepared for you. If you’re just a subscriber to my list, you can do the workout for 1, 2 or 3 circuits.

If you’re one of our 40 contestants we have on the 6 Weeks Challenge, read carefully all the info and let me know if you have any questions.


Here is the workout:


100-Jumping Jacks




60-Forward Lunges

50-Leg Lifts

40-Reverse Lunge with Kick

30-Scissors Touch Toes


10-Mens Push Ups


Repeat this 2 more times


Rules of the challenge:


• Contestants are divided on 2 teams – Green Team and Blue Team. Each team member needs to complete all the exercises and all the reps.

• There is NO ONE LEFT BEHIND rule. Team members do not continue with next exercise until all members finish.

• During the time of each exercise ONE of the team members need to hold plank position for the time all team members finish the exercise.

• For each exercise there is different person holding the plank, and we will go in order from first to last person in the team repeating until the end of the workout. (A tip: some exercises will last longer. Line up in order so you have your best team member holding the plank during those exercises – strategy…)

• Each team can choose one JOKER member who can replace each of the members in holding the plank.

• If the person holding the plank fail to hold the plank for the time his/her team members finished the exercise they all start from beginning of that exercise and you can’t replace than the member with the JOKER

• Fastest team wins the round.

• The team who will win most rounds is the Winner for the Challenge of the Day

• All members that take part in this Saturday Challenge are scoring extra point going towards the team points ONLY.

• All team members from the winning team are scoring extra point going towards the team points ONLY.

• Let the best one win!


I hope you like it. If you have any questions let me know in the comment section below.




P.S. There is some people who are doing great in the contest, and some who are not engaged so much. Here is the link again if you missed to see how you can earn points and help out your team win the challenge.