Tina Miller

Tina Miller

The challenge came along at the PERFECT time.  I had my second baby a few months before, and needed the extra motivation to get back into shape.  I wanted to do the challenge not only to lose pounds, but I needed to have something for just myself.  Some of us tend to lose who we are when we have kids, and I wanted to bring back the athlete in me that had been “lost” for so many years.

In 6 weeks, I lost 11.4lbs, and 4.3% body fat.  Granted, I still have a long way to go, but I haven’t felt this strong in a VERY long time, and I’m very happy with those numbers.

I loved doing the challenge.  The biggest thing I needed help with was nutrition, and the food guidelines helped me more than anything.  I dropped 7lbs my first week alone just by switching to clean eating.  I didn’t know when to eat carbs, proteins, “good” fats, etc., so the breakdown of pre and post-workout, morning, afternoon, and evening meals helped tremendously. The support from the other TLF members during the weekly physical challenges was pretty incredible too.


You have to really want it for yourself, but providing the nutritional information, logging meals every day, and having the support of my fellow TLF members and trainers pushed me even harder to succeed. The other big thing I learned is it’s so important to prepare your meals. Otherwise it’s so easy to run out to grab something maybe a little less healthy because you don’t want to take the time to make the meal.The constant feedback for My Fitness Pal logs helped a ton.  When I went two weeks without the scale moving, I trusted Sean when he said not to worry about it, that it was normal, and it would go down in due time….and he was right.

I can’t explain where the drive came from, but I was determined to follow this program to a T.  I knew if I slacked, or cut corners, I’d only have myself to blame.  So I decided from day one that I was going to put 100% into this, and because of that, I got awesome results.  I also wanted to show people that fad diets won’t give you the same results/satisfaction as a long-term lifestyle change. It’s not easy AT ALL, but I haven’t felt this good or been this happy in quite a while.  I needed to prove to myself that I could do this and I feel confident that I can continue this change for the long-term.

The other great thing that came from this program is my family is into it as well!  My son loved doing the weekly physical challenges at home with me, and everyone in the house has enjoyed cooking healthy food at home instead of always going out.


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