Think Positive!

Think Positive!

Let’s learn to Think Positive!

So it’s come to the point in your life, and we’ve all been there, when unhealthy living catches up with you. Remember when you were in your teens and could eat about anything you wanted without gaining weight? What a rude shock it was to find out that this physical state wasn’t going to last forever! The truth is it was never going to happen unless you were Superman and he’s fictitious. The good new is, getting back into the health and fitness grove can be fun!  It is definitely life changing and you can pull it off if you THINK POSITIVE when it comes exercise and following a nutritionally balance diet.


Get out of the state of mind that makes you feel like you’re being punished when you start a diet and exercise program. Instead, focus your attention on all the delicious new food choices you’ll be introducing into your eating habits.





I know it may seem impossible to replace the fatty desserts you’ve grown used to but believe it or not, you haven’t lived until you’ve had the perfect pear or a mixed berry parfait topped off with fat free whip cream, layered with yogurt; a seriously sweet, tasty treat. If you don’t believe me, just try it! You can still have your special comfort foods once in awhile but with the right attitude you’ll find delicious alternatives and still drop those pounds. How about playing with spices the next time you prepare a meal, maybe some Cajun chicken breast; yum!

Don’t focus on the fact that you have to give up some of your typical habits you’ve grown so fond of. You might not be able to drink as much as you want or eat that hamburger every night, but you still can eat things you enjoy. You don’t even have to cut out your favorites; in fact most healthy and balanced diets acknowledge the fact that giving up your favorite things basically sets you up for failure. Luckily, there are options out there that can lessen the pain, and by trying out things you may not have thought of before, you’ll be able to eat healthy foods that help you slim down without a struggle.

Now on to exercise; before you say (I mean think) anything,


For some reason people often have a negative attitude toward exercise. Instead of dreading it, picture yourself in that bikini, or going shirt less and proud or even getting that thumbs up from your doctor, or hiking a challenging trail without being winded. Better yet; just imagine how it’s going to feel to be proud of your accomplishments and getting your self confidence back, not mention being filled with boundless energy. Wow – who doesn’t want some of that???

I know all this sound well and good, and it’s a fact that we all have those days that it’s hard to keep our attitudes “picture perfect”. When you find yourself slipping in the attitude department, you just need to breathe at those moments and visualize yourself having already reached your goals.

Don’t worry; you’ll get there, just think positive. It gets easier once you start seeing results, and with a bit of determination that won’t be long at all.



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