The Bounce Back Effect – Why we get results and then fall back to our old ways

The Bounce Back Effect – Why we get results and then fall back to our old ways


I’m about to get a little woo-woo on you…and this conversation might be a little uncomfortable but it’s something we have to talk about.

There is this crazy thing that happens in one persons life when they actually start to get results called…The Bounce Back Effect.

Let’s say that Mary starts off on a training program. The first few weeks she is able to drop 5 pounds and fit back into her old pair of jeans. She is EXCITED.

Her ultimate goal is to lose 30 pounds in total and she only has 25 more pounds to go.

Then the Bounce Back Effect happens.

After that week she slacks off on a couple of the eating habits that helped her lose the weight…she gains 2 pounds and it’s okay…she’ll start again next week and come back stronger.

Then next week comes.

A social event makes her miss her workout. A dinner with friends makes her cheat on her diet. It’s not her fault she has so many commitments and she can always make it up next week. She’ll focus really hard next week and get back to where she was before.

Then next week comes…nothing happens. She hits the workouts hard but fails on the nutrition side of things. Or even worse…she doesn’t even workout at all and she thinks she’s eating normally but that’s all rationalizations.

She’s really eating like crap and deep down inside she knows it.

Then the worst thing happens: She actually gained back more than what she had lost. She feels depressed, angry at herself, possibly angry at other people and worst thing of all…she has almost given up.

Has this ever happened to you?

It’s happened to me. Plenty of times. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of girls in my boot camp too.

But why?

It’s called, “The Bounce Back Effect”

When you start to reach your goals and get results…something in the brain tries to pull you back to where you were before. It’s like an elastic band that pulls to the point where it has to snap back or break.

In most cases it usually snaps back….HARD.

This is due to a number of reasons…the most important one we’ll talk about here…

The persons self image has not changed to become the person they want to be….yet.

This is the most important factor to change. Not only do you have to change your habits and do different things to reach your goals…the very scary part is that you have to change yourself to become the person you want to be.

This can be extremely scary. People don’t like change and they’ll do whatever they can to stay in their own little bubble of comfort.

Once they start getting positive results from a fitness program they’ll automatically start sabotaging themselves subconsciously. It will be a missed workout here. An extra cheat meal there. An alcoholic drink or three there.

It’ll get to the point where that person ultimately bounces back to where they were before. It’ll happen so slowly and un-deliberately that one day they’ll wake up and wonder…what the heck happened? Then they start to wonder if they’ll ever be able to reach their goal.

Then quite possibly they give up in the end and just accept that they will be that way for life.

This is not how it has to be. As human beings we have the opportunity to be, do and have whatever we want in this world. We have the ability to change our circumstances and completely change who we are as people.

All of this has to do with our self images and the best part about this is…we can change our self image. And this is the first step to doing it…

Let’s work through this, I want you to do an exercise with me:

Think about a goal that you really want. Think really hard and get super detailed about your goal. Write it out. If you are serious you will write this out. It is THAT important. It should only take you 5-10 minutes.

Do I really need to convince you to do this? I didn’t think so. I’m glad you are serious about your results.

Once you got your detailed goals written down carry on to exercise #2:

Look at your goal and break it down to what kind of person you have to be. Also write down what kind of habits must you possess to make that goal a reality?

So if I were to do this here’s what it would look like:

My goal is to weigh 195 pounds at 9% body fat. I want to hit the beach this summer every single weekend to play beach volleyball and feel extremely confident in my own body.

Who do I have to be to reach this goal?

– Positive minded

– Surrounded by like minded people with similar goals

– I have to write in a food journal and eat 90% healthy meals

– I have to follow a sound nutrition plan and trust that it will help me reach my goals.

– I have to cheat on my meals once a week to take a mental break from dieting.

– I have to take a short break from partying and lay off alcohol for a month.

– I have to follow a set nutrition plan and make my meals beforehand so I don’t haphazardly grab whatever is available.

– I have to support my own friends in pursuit of their own goals

– I have to have thick skin because I know other people won’t like what I’m doing but I’m doing to do it anyways because I know I’ll be setting an example for others to follow.

– I have to tell many people of my goal because I know it will keep me focused on reaching it.

– I have to follow whichever plan I choose to go on as closely as possible and trust it will help me reach my goals.

That is part of my list.

If you really want to reach your goals and do great things for yourself…focus on the person you must ultimately become.

I know looking at this exercise it’s easy for someone to be cynical and say, “Oh that won’t work for me. These things never work for me.”

Well you know what? You are probably right. Like Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t…you are probably right.”

Now the question is…Do you think you can make this work for yourself? Or are you going to make excuses and rationaliesations (get it? Rational – lies?) as to why it won’t work for you? Really the choice is up to you and it always has been and it always will be.

If you are reading this blog…I pretty much know we are on the same path together towards evolving ourselves. We are not content with being just average. We are always trying to constantly improve ourselves. Take this time and get real with yourself.

Ask yourself the right questions and you’ll come up with answers that might surprise you.

I’m always here to help out and give you that occasional kick in the pants. With that I’ll leave you with a truly inspiring video I have posted before, with Will Smith…and leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Even if you don’t agree I’d like to hear from you.

To your health and fitness


P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this post.




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