The Big Lie When It Comes to Weight Loss

The Big Lie When It Comes to Weight Loss

Do you know the easiest way to gain weight? The answer will surprise you; Not eating. Following fad diets that limit you to fewer than 1000 calories a day or fasting for long periods of time in fact will slow down your metabolism (converts food into fuel and affects how efficiently your body burns that fuel.). In addition, you’ll lose muscle mass and energy by not providing your body with the proper nutrients. Instead of starving yourself try just eating less! The trick is to balance your diet, not starve yourself in your efforts to achieve quick results. A surprising number of people are confused about how weight loss and muscle gain work, as well as work together, however once you make the connection you’ll be able to enjoy the results of a healthy diet plan and workout routine.

The following tips about weight loss, recommended by Naperville Bootcamp expert Zack Todevski will open your eyes and help keep you on the road to a long, lean and healthy life.

Weight Loss

First of all, the grand old equation is true; more calories going in than you burn off means you are going to gain weight. This is where a lot of people seemed to have stopped thinking about healthy weight loss and just said “Well I’ll just starve myself so I can look great in time for summer!” Sure, they’ll lose weight but the consequences of a starvation diet not only unhealthy; they aren’t long lasting. On top of that, dieting this way results in a loss of energy, a lack of important vitamins and nutrients and a weak metabolism. In addition, it’s impossible to stick to a diet like this for the long term meaning eventual weight gain, often leading to even more pounds being packed on, defeating the original purpose.

Smart food for weight lossThe trick is to eat regularly, but in small amounts. By eating in small increments you won’t get bloated, your digestive track will function flawlessly, leading to healthy weight loss. Including a variety of smart food choices like green, leafy vegetables, berries, whole grains and legumes will lead to a healthier metabolism, meaning that the food you consume will be efficiently digested and won’t be stored as excess belly fat.

Besides the right calorie intake and eating vitamin enriched foods, you’ll need to come up with an efficient fitness regimen as part of your new, successful diet plan which is where teaming up with a Naperville personal trainer can take your overall results to the next level. They’ll come up with an exercise plan that will get you fast, long lasting results. Most of the workouts only take 30 to 45 minutes a day and you don’t even have to do them every day of the week. Workout routines vary based on your needs and what you want to accomplish, however for weight loss you’ll want to focus on cardio and abdominal workouts. A personal trainer will help you setup an exercise routine based your lifestyle and the outcome you’re looking for. They know how to mix up your exercises so you can keep your body guessing and won’t go numb from the monotony of the routine, making it easy to stick to the healthy lifestyle plan they set up for you.




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