Susan Velez – TLF Member Spotlight

Susan Velez – TLF Member Spotlight

We are very excited to introduce Susan Kirk-Velez!

Personal Training client Susan Velez Success StorySusan has been a member of Top Level Fitness for two years.  She primarily works out during the evening because, as Susan says, “My joints don’t do mornings.” She is extremely personable and fun… she likes to show off her dance moves during workout sessions.  If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Susan, it would be worth your time to attend an evening session and say hello!

Since starting at Top level Fitness, Susan has seen a lot of changes in herself and her body.  Her blood sugar levels are no longer in the range for pre-diabetes.   She is stronger, has more energy and feels “young…for an old chick.”  Susan likes when we do skaters during the workout but absolutely HATES burpees. Her favorite (healthy) food is yogurt with fruit and granola.  When we asked her what her favorite cheat food was, she said “Pizza, always and forever, amen.”

Susan works as a paralegal and deals mostly with music licensing.  In her free time, she fosters and transports animals.  She is married to Gus, her Latin heartthrob.  For more about Susan, please see the video below.