Susan KRanz

Susan KRanz

I heard about TLF from my daughter’s pre-school. The teachers and other moms have been coming to TLF and they had nothing but good things to say about it. They offered a one month trial and decided to give it a try. After week two I got hooked.

I’ve lost over 35 pounds so far, and I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be. I like most that I can come in and I don’t have to prepare a workout and I’m just doing what I’m told. Every day is a surprise, it’s something new and challenging it’s never repetitive, and I love the people that I work out with and made some good friendships.

I learned that just by building muscles and follow Zack’s nutritional guidelines it is possible to make a life change and lose weight even in your 40s. I feel that TLF care about the members and the individual. They know how to push you to do better and they are very supportive and encouraging all the time.


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