Strength Training with Barbells; a Boot Camp Training or At Home Exercise Staple

Strength Training with Barbells; a Boot Camp Training or At Home Exercise Staple

Top Level Fitness Boot camp training  involves a variety of fun, highly effective and intense exercises, many using everything from no equipment using traditional moves like squats, push-ups, walking lunges, etc to minimal equipment usage like stability balls, free weights and resistance bands to kettle bells and barbells; here we’ll be discussing barbells.

Barbells are usually the very first pieces of workout equipment that people invest in as they jump into strength training and fat burn, and are notTop Level Fitness Boot Camp Training with Barbells only utilized in the Top Level Fitness boot camp training programs but in home gyms for power lifting, weight lifting and basic weight training. Barbells are adjustable as well and you can conveniently add on weights as your physical strength progresses The exercise style and form used in barbell training doesn’t change until the lifter reaches the Olympic level so the average individual cam simply keep adding weight whenever they feel they’re ready to push harder.

Both dumbbells and barbells are considered free weights and both offer more benefit than using weight machines because they deliver an overall body workout, hitting several muscles groups with various intensity levels. In addition most weight machines limit you to just a few of movements and ranges with limited resistance while with just one barbell and your choice of weight plates you can train nearly every muscle in the body. Barbells play an important part in the Top Level Fitness boot camp training programs and are an affordable addition to any home gym or limited living space.

The benefits of lower body training with barbells are unmatched because the legs are made up of the biggest muscle groups in the body and they require a lot of resistance and stimulus to grow. Strength training with barbells also improves flexibility, leading to comfortable and balanced everyday movements.

Barbells are their best when used for either heavy weight training as a part of a varied, high intensity workout. There is no better way to measure the body’s potential to lift raw weight repetitively than strength training with this highly effective free weight option. Along with professional coaching, anyone who doesn’t have any pre-conditions that could limit them can learn barbell exercises in less than 1 hour. Just a few of the best barbell exercises include but aren’t limited to  power snatches, cleans, jerks, front and back squats, overhead and zercher squats, rack pulls, a variety of dead lifts, bench presses, push presses, bent over rows and overhead presses.

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Strength training with barbells can be a bit intimidating if you’re new to exercise and learning proper form is important to enjoy the experience which is why learning how to do it the right away is essential to anyone who is ready to take working out seriously. The best way to get started is to sign up for a fitness program that can show you the ropes when it comes to proper exercise form. The Naperville boot camp can help tailor a program to fit your needs, built around a regimen that not only utilizes barbells but a variety of high intensity workouts that will build strength, burn fat and let your inner bodybuilder out.