Spotlight Sunday… Kim Angelo – a Supermom and a role model!

Spotlight Sunday… Kim Angelo – a Supermom and a role model!

Boot Camper Spotlight!

Meet Kim Angelo,

Kim is the perfect example of a Supermom getting her workouts early in the morning and setting an awesome example for her kids.  She’s also got some smokin’ guns!

Kim has tons of energy, loves coming to Top Level Fitness and has been a great support to us.

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Here is Kim now…

How do I summarize my boot camp experience?  Top Level Fitness has made it EASY for me to commit myself to regular exercise again after having two children and working full time.  Why?  I am never busy doing something else at 5:30am so I have no excuse not to attend!  Okay, maybe I would be sleeping but I get much more energy from boot camp than I would from sleeping an extra few minutes.  Plus, I feel accountable to Kosta for showing up!

I love the enthusiasm of the class, the amazing instruction, and the energy I gain from my workouts.  I have lost inches, but most importantly, I have gained strength, stamina, and overall improved physical and mental health.  I also love that I am maximizing the results of my 45 minute workout because it is created by a trainer.  45 minutes of boot camp simply blows away 45 minutes on the treadmill at a gym!

As a working mom, it is difficult to find time for myself.   Committing myself to regular exercise with Top Level Fitness has allowed me make myself a priority again!  I have been able to create “me” time while I am doing burpees and push ups alongside my peers at boot camp!  Then my energy level is up for the day so I can be at my best for my kids, husband, work and most importantly, MYSELF!

Kim is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Go Badgers!  Kim currently works in pharmaceutical sales.  She enjoys playing with her son and daughter, cooking, book club, and checking out Chicago’s fabulous restaurants with her husband! 

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