Six Week Body Transformation Program

“Who Else Wants To Completely Transform Their Body From Fat And Flabby To Sleek And Sexy In Just 6 Short Weeks Guaranteed?”

Well If You Said “Yes” Then Here’s Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Finally Say “Good-bye” To Feeling Fat, Tired And Out Of Shape, And Getting That Toned, Confident, Swim Suit Ready Body You Deserve…

Now You Can Follow This EXACT Fitness and Fat Loss Formula STEP-BY-STEP to DRAMATICALLY Change Your Body Forever And Win iPad Mini While Creating The Body of Your Dreams!



Introducing: The New 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program

Dear Friend,


Zack here, I’m so excited to help you get the body you really want… Not later, not someday, but NOW.

Let’s face it, we all want a quick solution to lose weight and have a sexy toned body… Who doesn’t?

… And while there is no quick fix (I don’t care what the infomercials claim) I did go to the drawing board and crafted a new 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results.

Just imagine easily slipping back into your favorite “skinny jeans” or wearing a sexy swimsuit with total confidence.

Or stepping out of your shower and starting your day looking in the mirror knowing that you’re finally getting BETTER and closer to your goal instead of worse.

And that’s EXACTLY why I’ve created the new 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program.

I mean ANYONE can do it for just 6 weeks… Right?

Well these Naperville residents sure did and they are so glad (and you will be too)

My Personal Guarantee…


Here’s What You Can Expect When You Get On Board:

  • 12-18 pounds of weight loss
  • 4-8 inches off your waist
  • Firmer arms, legs, thighs, and buns
  • Increased strength, energy, and stamina
  • Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest
  • Tighter, flatter abs – means smaller waist
  • 3-6{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} decrease in body fat
  • Look and feel ten years younger
  • Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling
  • Look more attractive
  • Look and feel better in your favorite clothes
  • Win Prizes in the Process!!!


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And Not Only Will You Drop Tons of Weight

And Change Your Body Like Never Before

You Can Also Win Cash & Prizes…


You Can Win…

1st Prize – Ipad Mini & 1 Hour Massage


Celebration Party for THE WINNING TEAM!


And it Gets Even Better….

We’re not running this like a normal contest. Nope! You get rewarded (points) for not only losing weight and inches, but also for things like posting and tagging on Facebook and referring your friends. This keeps it fair! (You’ll get the full scoop when you sign up.)

 Here’s How it Works…

Every Participant Receives:

    • 6 Weeks of Metabolic Group Training
    • “Done-For-You” 6 Weeks Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
    • “Print & Go” EZ-Menu Plan
    • Unlimited Email, Phone and In-Person Coaching & Support
    • Accountability and tracking software for you and your team
    • Bonus training sessions
    • Possibility of individualized programming and semi-privte at reduced rates
    • 2 Teams (Celebration Party for the Winning Team)

Here’s How you Win:

    • Points For Every Inch and Bodyfat {019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} Lost
    • Points For Tagging & Sharing on Facebook
    • Points For Every Referral & Friend Who Signs Up
    • Points For Every Challenge you participate in

However, because I want to make sure you get the very best quality I’m limiting the number of people we allow to participate in the 6-Week Total Body Transformation Program, and as of right now we are already pretty much full, but we do have room for another group.



 Metabolic Strength Training:

There are multiple problems when dieting, metabolic decrease is one of the biggest. We completely conquer this phenomenon with our state-of-the-art metabolic strength training program. It involves circuit / interval style training geared towards maximum fat loss and strengthening.

Value: $499


Targeted Cardio and Core Training:

Most cardio training just sucks. Not only is it boring but it is ineffective. Not any more. By changing variables such as intensity, duration and workout timing we have enhanced the fat burring capabilities of cardio training by 200{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677}.

Value: $99


Specific Fat Loss Nutrition:

If you eat like crap you will look like crap. And you cannot “out train” bad nutrition. Bottom line is your nutrition has to be in order for the rest to work. By manipulating nutrient rations (fat, carbs and protein) we have created a detailed fat loss nutrition plan that will keep the fat falling off you for 6 weeks straight.

  Value: $199


Health & Fitness Supplementation Guide plus FREE Supplements for a Month (new clients only):

No matter how well we eat, we just can’t get optimal nutrient intake. We take care of that in our program. I’m not talking fat burners, but real life whole food supplements like vitamins, minerals and fish oils that have been proven to enhance metabolic rate by up to 400 calories per day. You will also get a FREE Prograde Supplements for a month ($125 value) Oh yeah, you’ll be healthier too.

Value: $199


Motivational Success Coaching:

Ah yes, our secret ingredient. This is no BS “atta boy” motivation.

Value: $199




 That’s right, we could easily charge OVER $1200 for this incredible program. But you are not going to have to pay anywhere near that. Less than a half of that actually, so keep reading…


        • Yes! I’m ready To Drop 12-18 pounds of fat?
        • Yes! I’m ready To Lose 4-8 inches off your waist
        • Yes! I’m ready To Have my clothes falling off of me?
        • Yes! I’m ready To Completely change the way you look and feel?






Click Here to Change Your Life


This Program is *NOT* for Everyone,

So Before You Say Yes, Read This…


If you want on board you have to be serious and absolutely committed.




Here is the thing, I am only going to accept 40 qualified people that apply (I already have 30). This is because the level of attention you will get requires a great deal of my time, and my trainers’ time.


So only 40.


You will be weighed in and completely measured at my facility by me prior to the start of the program. The program includes “before” and “after” pictures, and you must finish the program. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.


Dates, Schedule & What You Are Getting Yourself Into


Program Start Date:

Monday January 21th, 2013

Weigh in Dates:
Appointments will be made before the start date.
Training Sessions:
You will have training sessions 3 – 5 times per week. Scheduling will be done on a per person basis. Sessions will last 45 minutes.
We know you are busy (who isn’t?), that’s why we have sessions starting at 5.30am and going until 8pm. We definitely have a time that will fit your schedule. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!
You will be given a full nutrition and overall program. This will include a full program breakdown including food choices and supplementation recommendations.
1701 Quincy Ave Unit 26, Naperville IL 60540

How Much Will It Cost Me to attend?

As we said, we could easily charge as much as $1200 for this program.
…but, you won’t pay $1200 to change your life. You won’t even pay $600 to learn these cutting-edge secrets and tactics for creating the body and health of your dreams.
In fact, we want to make sure that EVERY person who truly wants to change their life has the opportunity to do so, so we have dropped the registration fee really low… 2 payments of only $129!
At that price we’re almost GIVING THIS AWAY.
Yep, 2 payments of $129 gets to drop 12-18 pounds, 4-8 inches and get flatter belly in only 6 weeks. We only have 21 slots open, so take action to secure your spot.

Are you kidding me? The challenge is on, so again we ask… ARE YOU READY?

Click Here to Change Your Life