Sheila Young

Sheila Young

I found out about TLF from my neighbor. He was looking great! He had lost a lot of pounds, and he was fit and trimmed. I decided to join the gym after I met Zack at a Christmas party and spoke with him and other members about TLF.

My first impression of the training program reminded me of an old school gym. I love the fact there is no cardio equipment. It was a lot of body Resistance. I love the different equipment being used, such as ropes, boxes, sleds to push. I thought it was a different approach and I loved it.

Since I’ve join I lost about 25 pounds, lost fat percentage, over all toning and slimming. Building additional muscles really helps trim my body down and it shows with the way my clothes fit, and on the scale. I learned about myself that I can pretty much do anything. I am 46 years old, and I can do push-ups, jump on boxes and other physical things you think a 46 year old wouldn’t do. It gave me so much more strength and I love that aspect of it. The trainers care about you. I’ve worked with other trainers before and I can tell that here at TLF they genuinely care. They make you accountable, ever since I’ve started I get regular emails with tips, and they are very supportive.

I would suggest joining TLF because this is the best program I have ever done. It can be intimidating at first but try it and take it in steps. It works and it’s a fun place to be.