Rebecca Egan

Rebecca Egan

I was stuck in my weight loss and unmotivated/bored with my current workout I’ve been to TLF for a few months. I found out about TLF from a neighbor. My first impression of the place was a surprise. It is only one room, but then I noticed all the equipment and I was shocked. It is a lot different than just cardio. I became motivated because it was challenging and different. I’ve noticed weight loss, toning, gained self-control and higher energy level. I have learned to eat better. It took me eight weeks to lose ten pounds, with a lot of control and dedication. I have learned that I can do it! The key to my success was my diet.

I think the staff is very knowledgeable, I love the small atmosphere so if we do something wrong we get corrected, and I love the personalized attention.

If you want to lose weight or get toned and ready to give it your all, TLF will help you do that!


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