Poonam Pandy

Poonam Pandy

Found out about TLF through Groupon and a couple of friends that has tried it. I ended up joining because I really enjoyed the workouts. You don’t get used to it. At the beginning it was really hard and I was struggling but I also knew it is something that I really need. The biggest change is my strength and stamina, I work long hours and usually will be very tired at the end but now my energy level is higher.

It works out that its not open 24 hours, makes me feel like I have to make it to the sessions and it keeps me more disciplined.

The staff is really nice and I always get a response for my questions and concerns.Β  I learned that I am much stronger, and I enjoy working out.

If you get a chance to come and join and give it a try, it’s worth it. Everyone should at least give it a try.