Plan Ahead! You CAN eat out!

Plan Ahead! You CAN eat out!

If you plan ahead, you can have a great evening out without blowing your diet

There’s no reason you should have to pass on a lunch or dinner date in your efforts to stick to your weight loss plan.

All it takes is a little planning!

As a matter of fact, if you avoid eating out you may end up sabotaging your efforts and falling off your diet. By considering the following tips you can go, have fun and enjoy spending time with your buddies without worry.

1. Don’t settle for fast food or other unhealthy options. Instead pick a restaurant that offers a variety of menu options including healthy alternatives. You don’t always have to sacrifice flavor and fun for healthy eating, and if you think about it for a minute when making plans, you’ll find that you can enjoy a fantastic meal without blowing your diet which always is followed by self depreciation. Losing weight doesn’t mean losing a social life, get out there and have some fun; just don’t do anything that will make you feel guilty the next day as you stare in shock at the scale. If you have to go to a fast food restaurant, order a salad with light dressing or stick with a small fry and hamburger; still not the healthiest things to eat but better than a full blown, super-sized meal.

2. Don’t eat everything on your plate. We live in a “the more the better” world which also relates to the meal sizes we serve ourselves or are served in restaurants. When was the last time you ate dinner out? Did you notice that one main course serving in restaurants looks like it can serve 5 people? No know what I mean; Piles of potatoes, meat swimming in gravy and a tiny serving of veggies? The good news is, even if you enjoy heavier meals, order a half order and if the restaurant doesn’t have that option, have them box up half of the meal and take it home. You can also share the meal with your lunch or dinner date if they’re willing. Most important of all, order more vegetables and instead of eating 2 rolls if you enjoy them, eat 1 instead; this way you won’t feel like you’re doing without.

3. Substitute healthy optons.  You gotta love healthy alternatives that taste just as good or even better than they’re higher calorie, fat loaded cousins. Today, with a little planning ahead, it’s fairly easy to find healthy choices on just about every menu including things like lean gyros, wraps, sandwiches made with whole wheat, all healthy alternatives to those greasy, fried foods without traveling far from home. Just learn as much as you can about choosing healthy foods including ordering whole wheat instead of white, brown rice instead of white, steamed instead of stir fried, gravy or dressing on the side instead drowning your meal.

4. Change your mindset. Just because it says low fat or that it is a lighter option doesn’t mean it needs to taste bad. A creative use of spices and flavorful, exotic ingredients can make any healthy food alternative taste fantastic. For an example, a black bean burrito filled with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, guacamole and salsa is filled with flavor that isn’t masked by a ton of enchilada sauce. If you’re cooking at home and miss eating fried chicken, there are plenty of boneless, skinless chicken breast recipes out there that you bake instead of fry but deliver delicious fried chicken results.

So next time you are going out to lunch or dinner with friends or catered event, plan ahead and make smart choices. Ask yourself what kinds of restaurants will serve you delicious food that doesn’t fill up your calorie quota. They are out there and you can enjoy them under any circumstances. If you couple your efforts with a high intensity boot camp program, even if you give in to that chocolate cake once in a while, you can burn them off in no time.



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