Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores

I found out about TLF through my wife who has been doing it for a few months. I joined because of my wife and sister in law.

It is efficient; it’s a series of exercises I would have never thought I would do. They keep it short and I enjoy doing it. I don’t have to think too much about my workout and all I got to do is just push myself to do it. It’s a no brainer. You do it and then you go home. I feel stringer and in better shape, lost 12 pounds and it’s been a whole fun. I don’t particularly enjoy working out but I enjoy coming in to TLF.

I love that it is feels more fun than a regular workout. I used to not push myself but now I know that I can do a lot more so I feel more competitive and I want to do more. The staff always pushes you to do your best; everybody is really friendly; trainers and the people who come to work out. It feels like a community and they care about seeing a better you.

When you come in to workout you forget about how tired and busy you are, you push yourself and then get into a routine and through that you get results.