Naperville gym

Naperville gym

In a predominately sedentary world, it may seem difficult to incorporate physical fitness into everyday activities. Our lifestyles are so perfectly catered and convenient, that modern society actually has to schedule time and visit fitness centers to stay in shape. There are many simple things that can be incorporated each day to enhance regularly scheduled workouts with a personal trainer.


Walk, walk, and walk. Take the stairs at work, park in the most remote space available, give the dog an extra 15 minutes in their daily walks. If the goal is 10,000 steps a day for excellent health, most Americans fall far short of the goal. Invest in a pedometer to track your daily mileage. Or better yet, see if your doctor, local gym or health insurance company has free pedometer giveaways.

 Be more social. Go dancing with friends or your significant other. Try hiking a new trail or biking to work with colleagues. Check out water sports, skiing or other outdoor activities that are popular in your geographic area. Picnic in the park with family and friends. Find a playground and see how high you can swing. Most of these activities are a free or low cost, and offer a great fun workout.

Tackle the chores list. Housecleaning and yard work burn a surprisingly significant amount of calories per hour. Plus, mowing the lawn and raking leaves give a great aerobic workout. The bending, stooping, squatting and reaching motions of scrubbing walls and bathtubs offer an effective overall muscle toning workout. Dusting, mopping and vacuuming also burn additional calories. You will have a fantastic looking house and an exhilarating cardio experience.

Go shopping. Reward yourself for all that hard work and effort exerted to keep the house in good order. While many people opt for online shopping choices, there are still bargains to be found in local shops and in the traditional malls. Even if you decide to simply window shop, the additional walking burn off volumes of extra calories during the course of the afternoon.


Following these relatively easy, and sometimes necessary, activities into your schedule will help ensure that you are burning off more calories than you are taking in during the day. That means no stopping at the bakery in the food court while you are speed walking through the mall. Following this formula on a regular basis will definitely produce results. Talk to your  Naperville gym trainer for more fun and easy ways to incorporate fitness ideas into your daily schedule.