Naperville Fitness Trainers

Naperville Fitness Trainers
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Sexy glutes, toned abs, good-bye muffin top, banish cellulite and fat loss are eye grabbing headline words that are found on virtually every magazine on the shelf. Women are particularly susceptible to these marketing techniques that are commonly found in fitness magazines as well as most publications geared toward women. It certainly does not speak very well for a society that places so much emphasis on the female physique. Well, that is certainly one side of the argument. However, the flip side of the fitness coin is the sedentary lifestyle and high-fat content diets found in most developed countries.

Unfortunately, some of the information provided in these articles are simply incomplete or inaccurate. Certainly, the writers and proofreaders meant well and had the best interest of the reader in mind. However, they are often limited to a very small space and the “dull” text is often squeezed out by juicy gossip picks, advertisements or featured articles. While the editors do the best they can with the space given, they fail to mention that workouts are not meant to be a catchall for a multitude of problems. For example, abdominal workouts may firm up stomach muscles (if done properly), however they will not do much for sagging oblique muscles or firming upper back muscles.

The quick messages that are given imply that a ten minute workout performed everyday will solve every problem that a woman has with her body. The truth is that all muscle groups need to be regularly stretched, worked and challenged. While ten minutes every day is certainly better than sitting in front of the television or computer, it may not be enough for an entire body overhaul.

A simple way for anyone to get fit is to consult with a qualified fitness professional – and then act on the instructions given. Simply joining a gym or signing up for a fun fitness class will not be enough to tone muscles or lose weight. The benefits and results come from actually performing the exercises and doing so on a regular basis. Personal trainers are not only more knowledgeable that magazines, they are also more available and more encouraging. A picture in a magazine cannot motivate anyone to reach their fitness goals.



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