Member Spotlight- Wendy Romero

Member Spotlight- Wendy Romero

Here it is… another Member Spotlight post! As a reminder, we will be featuring one of our dedicated Top Level Fitness members approximately every two weeks.  The purpose of this post is solely for our members to get to know each other! Previously, we posted “Member of the month” but this is different! We hope to capture a glimpse of what life is like for our members outside of the gym.  Enjoy!

This week is all about WENDY ROMERO!

Personal Training Client Wendy Romero

“I decided to join TLF about 2.5 years ago. I have always been active but just could not find the time to work out. When I found out that they offered early morning classes I decided to try it out. I really enjoyed the class and found that the instructors were not only knowledgeable but engaging. Then after attending the same 5:30am class every week, friendships were created with the others in this class. We look forward to seeing each other and show encouragement to help each other succeed. We obviously have things in common and it helps to motivate yourself when your group is there for you. Since I have been at TLF my total body structure has changed and I have defined muscles. I feel very good about myself and have a lot of energy. I am at the point that if I miss a work out I am upset. I like the way I feel and am proud that I am doing this for myself. I told Zack that this is the one thing that I do for myself and feel great about it!! I also play tennis which I love! By working out at TLF it has helped improve my tennis game.

About my career, currently I am the General Manager and Chief Operating Office of Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. You ask what is that? I call it a hidden gem. McGraw is a private foundation and the property is 1300 acres of land. We have 30 lakes to fish on, a huge clay target range, indoor and outdoor archery and airgun range, lodge with guest rooms, meeting space and a restaurant, hunting fields, education and research center and dog kennel with 28 hunting dogs. I oversee the operation so as you can imagine the only time I can work out is 5:30am. I actually started my career with Hilton Hotels for 2 years prior to going to McGraw. I like to fish and hunt—yes I shoot guns! I grew up learning these skills from my Grandfather.”

My family: I am married to my husband Randy and have an 11 year old boy named Jack and a chocolate Australian labradoodle named Cully. Between work and managing my son’s schedule I am always on the go from early morning until late night. I usually get about 5-6 hours asleep a night..

I live a social life as well and we like to hang with friends and family on the weekends. My 5:30am workout friends always make fun of me because they know my weekend consists of social things.. That is the hard part of sticking to the diet on the weekends…. But I remain focused and continue my workouts.”

Photo Mar 20, 1 30 51 PM

Thank you, Wendy, for being so positive and consistent.  You are an inspiration to others!



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