Member Spotlight – Tom Rossi

Member Spotlight – Tom Rossi
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“I took several blood pressure reading at home and it’s down to 112/70 on average. Before I started TLF, it was usually about 135/85 on meds. I have never had BP reading like this before. As a mand who’s been on BP meds since 30 and who has heart disease in the family, I can’t tell you what this means to me. Can’t put it into words. You’ve literally helped me change the course of my life. So get used to me, because it looks like I’m going to be around for a long time!”

This is just a bit of the reason we wanted to spotlight Tom. Not only has he seen great results with weight loss, workout out at Top Level has completely changed his life. Read on to get to know Tom!

Get to Know Tom Rossi

Amy and I have been married for 12 1/2 years and live in Naperville with our four children: Laine (11), Liz (8), Sara (7) and Charlie (almost 5). I am a Wealth Management Advisor with Northwestern Mutual, helping my clients for the past 17 years with comprehensive financial planning, insurance and investment plans. I started my practice after graduating from Loras College in 1998, where I played football for the Duhawks!

I was part of a State Championship football team at Naperville North High School and playing football through college is an accomplishment I am very proud of. These experiences gave me a strong foundation for self discipline, goal setting, team structured accountability, persistence and time management. I learned how to push myself, be optimistic and to never give up on myself. All of these benefits have helped me in my career and personal life over the years, but I seemed to have lost my way with my personal fitness routine, was having chronic back problems and had no nutritional plan. That is until Amy pushed me to try TLF. (It only took her 6 months!)

I joined TLF last September and have seen tremendous results! I have lost 25 lbs, about 2 inches off my waist, gained strength, flexibility (don’t laugh Sean!) and definition.

For the first time in my life, I cannot wait to go to the pool and take my shirt off this summer!

The greatest benefit to these results besides all the compliments (I hate attention, wink wink) is the fact that I will have a healthier, longer life to enjoy with my family. My Grandfather was a Chicago Bear and my Grandparents were great influences on my life. I want to have 30 years or more with mine one day.

I workout at TLF 5 times per week, mostly at the 6:30 and 5:30 am workouts. I never was a morning work out guy, but what has been most helpful for me has been the relationships I have built with the trainers and members. I hit the snooze button and think, “they all expect you to be there” and “you won’t have another chance later today” and “think of how good you are going to feel all day” and “be a leader and a great example”.

My favorite cheat meals are Pizza and Chocolate (anything with Chocolate)

My favorite healthy food is an Omelette with broccoli, green pepper, onions, tomatoes, a pinch of cheddar cheese and ham. (I call it the “Tom-lette”). I also enjoy a good Chocolate Protein PB2 Smoothie after workouts.

I love to sing (karaoke anyone?) and do impressions of famous people. My best one is Harry Carey. Amy and I will hit up a Def Leppard or Bon Jovi concert every time they are in town! Can’t wait to Pour Some Sugar on Me this summer (don’t worry Zack, I won’t eat the sugar)

Work Hard, Dream Big!


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