Member Spotlight – Susan Kranz

Member Spotlight – Susan Kranz

Susan Kranz 2Susan is one of our clients that really shows that TLF is a family! Not only can you see her commitment inside the gym, but she’s always offering her friendship to other clients outside of workouts as well! We love having her as a part of the family, and we think you’ll enjoy learning more about her!

Get to know Susan Kranz


I joined Top Level Fitness in November of 2012 and I still look forward to coming to the gym for every workout 2 ½ years later! You’ll usually find me at the 9:30am workout. I started TLF a month after finishing my second Chicago marathon and I was looking for a different workout to help me lose weight other than running. I fell in love with the strength training! When I started TLF I had no core strength and couldn’t even attempt a hanging leg raise. I had had 4 C-sections and a 5th abdominal surgery within 10 years. But each workout I felt my self become stronger and loved the results.

Like many of the clients at TLF I’ve lost weight (18 pounds during a six week challenge alone), gained muscle and I’m stronger than I have ever been in my life. The most important thing to me that keeps me working out at TLF is not the physical benefits but the mental. I can be having a tough week but when I walk into the gym and see the smiling faces of the trainers and my friends at the gym I’m glad I came. And, after a tough workout I feel the stress of life dissipate and I’m ready to face the day. So thank you gym pals for blessing my life!

I grew up in Indiana with 3 older brothers who taught me to love sports. I played basketball, ran track and was a cheerleader. We lived on a lake and my summers were spent swimming, boating and waterskiing. It was here that I met my next-door neighbor that would be become my best friend and husband, Greg.

Five years ago we moved from Indianapolis to Naperville with our 4 children; Harrison (17), Madison (16), Luke (12), and Magen (7). Most days are filled with cheering on my kids at various activities and free time is hard to find. When my husband and I do find a break in the action we love to head to the city or even stay local and find new restaurants to try. Being a foodie definitely keeps me heading back to the gym!

My favorite healthy meal would be oatmeal with an omelet made with tomatoes and avocados.  Cheat foods are always changing (back to being a foodie), but I love a great burger and craft beer (or 2)!

Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart. ~Gene Tunney

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