Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight


joe_edited Joe has been a member of Top Level Fitness for about two years.  He is currently participating in the Six Week Challenge and is part of Team “Early Morning Hustlers”.  Joe is usually quiet and focused during this workouts… he really knows how to push himself!  A couple things we love about Joe: 1) He challenges himself, but never forgets to monitor his form.  2) He asks great questions during the workout to ensure he understands the exercises. 3) He actually LIKES to get his butt kicked.

We asked Joe to tell us a little about himself.  Here is what he said:

“OK, I’m a dentist.  Sorry about that–try not to think about it.  I have had a practice in Downtown Naperville for over 20 years.  I have four daughters, youngest two are juniors in college.

I’ve been coming to the pre-dawn workouts regularly for 2 years.  When I started I couldn’t even make it through the second station without supplemental oxygen and 30 second plank was 30 seconds pain.  I used to run a lot (I did half a dozen marathons), but running was beating up my body (on top of several other injuries).  After a year at TLF I felt pretty good about most of the exercises and all of my injuries had completely vanished.  The total body workouts at TLF really work.

I don’t really have a favorite exercise.  If I’m enjoying a workout I’m probably not pushing hard enough.  That’s really what I’m paying for–to feel like crap at the end of the workout. However,  the bear crawl is the worst, hands down.

The latest TLF challenge has made me very fond of protein, so I hate cheating on it, but my favorite cheat is peanut butter and bananas.  Now that I’m cutting back on carbs and sodium, I’ve had to throw out all of my favorite recipes–trying to keep things simple.  But I think that’s good, If I can keep it up.   Anyhow, it has made me think a lot about nutrition and nutrition myths.

I like doing home improvement projects, running, and flying (though I haven’t had much time for that lately).”

Thank you, Joe, for being such an important member of our fitness family!




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