Melissa Katwala

Melissa Katwala

I found out about TLF through a friend of mine who told me about the 6 week back to school challenge and invited me to do it with her, and that was IT! The first week I thought it really hard and kept telling myself I can do anything for 42 days, yet it was very challenging. Besides losing weight, which you almost can’t help because you are working out so hard, is also the increasing energy level which was what I originally wanted. Now I feel so much more energetic. What I like most about the program is when I come to the 45 minute workout it goes by super-fast and it feels like ten minutes. I turn around, and the trainer says we are done and it’s hard for me to believe. You would think that working out will go super slow, especially for someone who doesn’t like working out, but it’s entertaining and I like the people who come here. They are friendly and encouraging; you are entertained and getting in shape while doing it.

I like that if you are struggling with something the trainers are very attentive and give you other suggestions and push you to do better. They help you; they talk to you about your diet and nutrition, they are positive friendly and encouraging. They are a full circle. They look at your overall health.

I learned about myself that I never thought I could enjoy exercising. I always dreaded it. Now I am looking forward to it. I would suggest others to try it because you might be surprised. By the third week I started to feel more excited and looked forward to working out.

Just try it!


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