Meet Minda!

Meet Minda!



This month marks my one-year anniversary at TLF. My husband and I moved to Naperville last January (after 15 years in Palatine) and I found TLF through a Groupon. As hokey as it sounds, I literally knew after my first day that I’d become a member! As much as I aspire to be a morning person and make it to the 6:30 AM workout, you’ll usually find me at the 6:00 PM class.

I live in Naperville with my husband Marty, and in a few weeks, our new puppy, Cooper. I recently started a new job as a Senior Client Executive for Origami Risk, an industry leading Risk Management Information System (RMIS) company.

I’ve been actively involved in sports my entire life, playing both basketball and softball through college. For several years after college, I continued playing in leagues and in pick-up games at our local health club. I don’t play much anymore, but I still love the team atmosphere, which is one of the reasons I love the group workouts at TLF.

In addition to my TLF workouts, I like to run, bike, and do pretty much any type of active outdoor activity (except for winter sports… I don’t like the cold!). We have a very active group of friends, which are an awesome support group, because we motivate and support each other in whatever our latest endeavors might be. My husband and I usually run at least one half marathon each year. No, I don’t plan on doing a full marathon…EVER! If I hit a mid-life crisis and start talking that craziness, just stop me ?. The half is a fun distance because, to me, it’s “challenging yet attainable!”

On the weekends, I like to spend time with my husband and our friends, hanging out at home, running races, watching sports, traveling, exploring new restaurants, or indulging in a tasting at the newest local brewery. During the summers, we spend most of our weekends on our boat and wakeboarding.

My favorite food is my husband’s spaghetti (healthy when eaten with Pasta Zero vs. regular noodles). My go-to healthy food is a big hearty salad. During the last TLF 6 week challenge, I also fell in love with oat bran and blackberries for breakfast. My favorite cheat foods (yes, plural!) are homemade chocolate chip cookies and craft beer. Luckily, I’m too lazy to make cookies, so I can resist most of the time, but my husband is a home brewer, so the craft beer is a bit more challenging.

During the most recent TLF 6 week challenge, I lost 14 pounds and 4{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} body fat. I consistently push myself when I’m in the gym, but the challenge provided me with the accountability that I needed to focus on my nutrition, which is where I really started to see the difference – and the results. I’ve said for years that I don’t have willpower. However, after making it through the first fasting day of the challenge – while tailgating at a Bears game – I knew that my “lack of willpower” was really just an excuse.

My advice to newcomers… know you can do it (you can!), know that it’s not always easy (for any of us!), know that you’ll have ups and downs (we all do!), surround yourself with people who will motivate and support you (it makes a huge difference!), and have FUN (because what fun would it be if you didn’t!).

See you at the gym!


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