Maria Resendiz

Maria Resendiz

Hello my name is Maria and I heard about Top Level Fitness on Facebook with the 28 days program in May 2015.

I learned to follow a program, and I learned new exercises too. Also I learned that nothing is impossible and that I am a strong woman who can do everything no matter how hard it isif I just take it one step at the time. I will say to people that for the first time in many years I see myself in the mirror and I don’t cry anymore or feel miserable.


Top Level Fitness is so different from any other gym because, every person who is involved cares about your progress and they make sure that every one of us is always motivated.TLF is not a gym. It is a family. Every single person who is a part of this shares with you and your success and your path until your reach your goal. I remember when I had my first appointment with Sean he asked me why this time was different and I told him that this time I was tired of being miserable. I told him that my goal was to lose 50 or 60 pounds and he told me that it will take hard work and dedication, he also told me to give myself time to reach my goal.

I would tell a friend that no matter how intense the workouts are, it’s always worth at the end. Thank you TLF for changing my life.