Maria Chacon-Horn

Maria Chacon-Horn

My name is Maria Chacon-Horn, and I heard about Top Level Fitness through the internet, and I wanted to start a different type of workout to see more results with my fitness and life style.  I used to run a lot before TLF but I wasn’t seeing big changes on my weight and I didn’t have a lot of motivation to do it by myself.

My initial thoughts of the program were very positive because since I started TLF in March of 2015 I feel very strong, my body feels light, I have a lot of energy, and I like the people at TLF. Everybody is very energetic and positive and you feel very comfortable with the program. The trainers are wonderful. They are always pushing us to work harder in a safe way; they also make sure that we are following all the nutritional advice. They teach us how to do all the exercises and they correct our form to prevent any accidents or any damage or our bodies. The nutritional program is strict but it is not difficult to follow. We ate many times a day but we ate the right food, and we saw very good results after the challenge.

The thing that I like the most about the 6 weeks challenge was that everybody including the trainers and the participants were very energetic and enthusiastic to do it and they were always checking on your progress. If for some reason you were having a bad day they will make you feel better and help you not to give up.


Something I learned about myself is that working hard and following a good nutritional plan, with the help from TLF, I can accomplish my goals and feel better with myself.

Top Level Fitness is so different from any other gym because at TLF everybody cares about your progress and they make you work hard so you can see very good results. I will tell a friend not to be intimidated by the intense workout because everybody can start at their own pace and they will increase little by little; also the 45minutes go very fast and you will start seeing results very soon.

TLF made very positive changes in my fitness life because it is an intense workout where you work all your muscles and you see very good results in general.  I feel very strong since I joined TLF, I can see a lot of my muscles now. Changing my diet was one of the most important things that helped me reach my goals.