Making Smart Condiment Decisions

Making Smart Condiment Decisions

If there’s one thing that can quickly take your diet and put a big dent in it, making improper condiment decisions would be it.  Condiments and sauces can really enhance the flavour of your foods but if you’re not careful in your selection, many will pack in hundreds of calories and provide very little nutrition to the body.

Others may be more calorie dense but do contain key nutrients that your body needs, so these won’t be all that bad of an option to be adding in.

So what are the main condiments that you should be including? And which ones should you be avoiding?

Let’s give you a quick run-down of the main need-to-know facts about condiment selection.

Nut Butters

The very first condiment that you need to be aware of is nut butters.  Both peanut butter as well as almond butter are excellent additions to any diet program and when you watch how much you use, won’t damage your fat loss progress.

The good thing about nut butters is that they do contain healthy fats which will help to keep your hunger levels down lower.

They’ll also pack in a small amount of protein, which will help out on the recovery side from your workout sessions.

Jelly’s And Syrups

Second, the next group of condiments to know about are jelly’s and syrups.  These generally should be avoided as most are filled with simple sugars that will just send your blood glucose levels up and then cause them to crash.

You can get low sugar varieties, but be aware that these will often contain artificial sweeteners so you’ll have to decide whether that’s something that you want in your diet plan.

Sweet Sauces And Marinades

Moving along, also be very leery about adding sweet sauces and marinades to your diet.  These will pack in far too much sugar and calories and make it harder to maintain your target daily calorie intake.

Sauces such as sweet and sour, teriyaki, or many oriental varieties are the key ones to be on the lookout for.  Always read the ingredient listing of these sauces before adding them to your dish so you can get a more precise feel for exactly what they contain.

BBQ Sauce and Ketchup

Another place where added sugar likes to lurk in your diet plan are with BBQ sauce and ketchup.  Most people add these on at their leisure when grilling or serving up food because they know that they don’t contain any fat, but the fact remains that the calorie value will add up.

BBQ usually comes in at around 250-50 calories per tablespoon while ketchup will be 15-20.  This doesn’t’ seem like much but if you use 3-4 tbsp., it will add up.

Marinates And Rubs

Finally, marinades and rubs do tend to be good choices to make most of the time.  These are often made either with just a combination of herbs and spices in which case the will be okay or will contain a small amount of olive oil added to them for added flavour.

That again isn’t going to be a problem as it will help to provide healthy fats to your body, as long as you do make sure that you are counting the total calories in as part of your daily total.

So there you have the main things to note about condiments.  Choose carefully and you can be sure that these don’t put a dent in your diet plan.