Lunge Variations To Consider

Lunge Variations To Consider

As you move about your workout program, one key exercise that you definitely want to be sure you’re adding to the mix if you want to see top-notch results is the lunge.  Lunges are ideal for firming up the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and will also help to target the core as well.

All in all, they’re very comparable to squats in terms of their effectiveness for helping to change the way your body looks.

Many people often get stuck in the rut of performing the same variety of lunges over and over again however.

While it’s great to be including them in your workout routine, for top notch results, you should be focusing on enough variety that you keep your muscles guessing as to what’s coming next.

Let’s have a look at a few of the different types of lunge variations that you should consider to help change up your workout and make sure you stay interested and on track to success.

Reverse Lunges

The first lunge variation is the reverse lunge.  This one is great for challenging your balance and agility level as it’s a movement pattern that you just aren’t used to making on a day to day basis.

When performing the reverse lunges, you want to step directly behind you and move down into the full lunge position.

Be sure to do this using a slow and controlled movement pattern with no weights at first until you get used to the activity.  It will take a bit of time to accommodate to before you can go and start adding more weights into the mix.

Stationary Lunges

The second of the exercises that you should consider adding into your workout program is the stationary lunge.  This one is going to work the abs to a slightly larger extent compared to the walking lunge and is also ideal for hitting the quads.

Since you won’t have that follow through motion, more emphasis will be placed on the front of the thigh as well as on the butt (glutes) as it brings you back up to the starting position.

Cross Body Lunges

Moving along, the next of the lunge variations to consider is the cross body lunge.  This lunge variety is perfect for working the inner and outer thighs as they’ll be called into play when performing it.

Cross body lunges are going to strengthen the core as well as you’ll struggle to maintain your balance the entire way through.

When performing these just do be sure that the knees are tracking over the toes the entire way through as this will help to prevent the onset of knee pain.

Split Squat Lunges

Finally, the last of the lunge variations to consider is the split squat lunge.  This lunge is great for those who are really looking to work the glutes as you’ll be placing a large amount of weight on these muscles when performing it.

Really concentrate on not allowing the body to lean forward at all when you perform these as that will ensure that you maintain a good position that has you fully working just the glutes and less of the quads and hamstrings.

So there you have the top lunge variations that you should be considering as you go about your workout program.  Don’t do them all in one session but rather alternate between them as time passes along.