Love Yourself

Love Yourself

No matter how hard we try; perfection always seems to be out of reach. In the real world, there aren’t any perfect people and if there were they wouldn’t be very much fun to be around

 Instead of trying to be perfect, especially when it comes to your body, learn to

love who you are.

 Always make an effort to be healthy, but lay off self criticism and fight the urge to be perfect! There is a lot about our lives we can control and some that we can’t, and many of us feel that we haven’t been dealt a fair hand, please remember that this isn’t a poker game! It’s not about who gets a royal flush or that high ace at the right time, it’s about the way you bid and how you live your life.

Life is fluid; it’s more of a piece of artwork and you’re a living sculpture that only you can shape. By taking care of yourself and appreciating your curves and all of your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll live happy for the rest of your life. There will always be struggles in many different forms, some of them external and unavoidable and some of them internal. Control yourself, don’t feel bad about who you are! If you have features that you’re not thrilled about that can’t be change, don’t hate them or dwell on them all the time; they’re just a small part of the miracle that is you. Spend your time appreciating your strengths whether it’s the fact that you rarely get sick, you have a beautiful complexion, sparkling blue eye or sexy, toned arms. You are who you are because of many different factors and the important thing is to see what they all add up to and enjoy it.

By being happy and confident with who you are you’ll also be more willing to make changes. People who enjoy running and lifting weights don’t sit there thinking about how weak they are, or how much weight they need to lose, they get excited about it! It may not sound realistic to be excited about exercise but it is and once you stop criticizing yourself and start making positive changes in your life, you’ll feel 100% better. Remember that no one is perfect, and no one should want to be perfect because that would just suck the flavor, and the uniqueness right out of life.

Starting today be proactive instead of being your own worst critic.

Starting Today,

Love Yourself!

Be confident with who you are and you’ll soon have a better life ahead of you. Thinking positively quickly leads to action, and this action will yield great results and more positive thinking; it’s a loop you want to be stuck in. Not being afraid to love yourself will lead to a rich, fulfilling life so don’t get wrapped up in trying to be perfect and remember to love all the things about you that make you unique.

If part of your new “Love Yourself” plan involves exercise, Top Level Fitness boot camps are the way to go and our personal trainers have been where you are and are ready to help.



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