Karl Winter

Karl Winter

I needed help to get started on the path to weight loss and better health. I was not able to get started on my own. Before bootcamp, I started a diet and exercise program each morning, and by each evening I had already compromised the diet or the exercise. I need Zack, Liz, Sean the way a baby duck needs it’s mother. Whatever the mother duck does, the baby duck will do. Zack is a “motherducker” and what I learned about myself is that I need that “motherducker”.

RESULTS !!! That is what I like most about boot camp and the results show me boot camp works.

Blood Pressure: 112 over 80.

Heart Rate: 60 beats per minute.

Weight Loss: 280 lbs to 243.4 lbs and dropping slowly.

My doctor is very happy with my progress.

Anyone that has been to the gym or other exercise classes knows all about the promises, the hype, the bad exercise routines. What I know is about is the results through my own personal experience. I don’t think it works, I know it works.

Getting through the routines is a huge accomplishment and very satisfying for me.

It is also satisfying to be able to keep up with the youngin’s.

Lifestyle change – My eating habits have changed (what I eat and when I eat it). Breakfast is now an important meal and not an afterthought or weekend indulgement (not a word). The evening meal is very light with a little protein. In short, my diet has changed and I am not dieting.

I do have more energy and work around the house and garden is easier (don’t tell my wife).