John Weibel

John Weibel

I heard about TLF from my wife. She gave me a Groupon certificate as a Christmas gift. She knew that I needed motivation and saw this as an opportunity to challenge me.

I have always struggled with weight management. Every year during the holidays I would find myself at my heavier weight of the year. In January 2012 I found myself at 227 pounds.I needed to find another way to lose weight and ultimately commit to a lifestyle change.  I had not workout in a group setting since high school .It felt strange at first but as time went on and the initial soreness was gone, it became fun. Working out is fun? I couldn’t believe that my own mind was thinking such a thought. I am always trained with respect and dignity by the staff and my felon boot-campers. No matter what level of shape a person is in, they offer exercise alternatives that challenge without degrading a person for the fitness level that they are currently.

The diet plan and exercise provide immediate results. I was losing about 2 pounds every week. The clothes I saved for thinner days began to fit again.  I could once again begin to see muscle definition. And after nine months, I can honestly say that I am in the best overall shape of my adult life. It physically and mentally feels good.

I learn more about the nutrition aspect of a healthy clean eating. Not dieting, but eating. The group challenges were challenging both physically and mentally. It changes the way I think, what I believe to be impossible, POSSIBLE!

I enjoy following the unknown .Each workout is different and it offers no time to worry or anticipate how hard the workout will be. Just show up and leave the planning to the pros.

Technically it works   because Top level know how to give your body the effective workout it needs but ultimately it’s up to you as un individual. You’ll get back as much as you put forth.

I’ve learned that I can push my limits, both physically and mentally. My self-confidence is overflowing in all aspects of my life. It’s amazing what a little sweat and sore muscles will do to your look on life

The staff is extremely professional and is very passionate about what they do. They help you understand that even though this is a group training session that is all about you as an individual. Each exercise has options with regards to difficulty .The staff knows how to push you without degrading you from your level of output.

If you are tired of the same routine and looking for something challenging and ultimately fun, try a week of Top level Fitness. I promise you that you won’t view your same old workout in the same light. Get off the couch and create the body that you only wish you had. Best of luck! Be strong!