Jim Zaccardi

Jim Zaccardi

I’m Jim Zaccardi, and I joined Top Level Fitness shortly after my wife Rachel joined. I decided to do the 6 weeks challenge because I wanted to lose weight in a smart and lasting way.

My initial thoughts were “Why would I want to put myself through this.”  I was skeptical I would make it through the 6 week program.   I didn’t have a good handle on the nutrition in the beginning.   But I figured it out.   Having already being with Top Level 4 months, I needed to bring my workouts up a notch.


What I learned about myself is that I was able to complete the program, get a result.  And even though it is over I still want to keep eating well.  I don’t want the bad stuff back in my life.

Top Level Fitness is so different from any other gym because when I get there it is organized, I don’t have time to think about what is happening outside of the gym.  I focus on my work and get through it.   It has been difficult to make that happen anywhere else.

If someone was hesitant to join us because they thought it looked too intense, I would tell them my story.  My first month was hard.   I wanted to stop.   After 28 years of limited workout activity I needed something to change the course I was on in a drastic way.  I left in tears some of those first few days, sometimes from pain, sometimes being angry at myself for letting it go for so long.  6 months in and I have gotten further than I thought I might others wise have.  I have never have been able to get these results anywhere else.

The single difference this time for me to get into shape is at Top Level Fitness I don’t need to think about what workout I am doing next.   I come in and it is planned for me.  I am focused on the single task of doing the next workout, the next evolution or the next rep.