Importance of Balance

Importance of Balance

Activities that require the coordination of your entire body, such as jogging, swimming, and the elliptical trainer, burn more calories than stabilized activities, like stationary bikes. That is because they require your entire body to working together in perfect balance and symmetry. It’s actually almost miraculous the way we naturally make subconscious modifications to our bodies and manage to balance when we do motion optimized exercises, burning unwanted calories at the same time. This isn’t to say that stationary forms of exercise don’t have their place but to get the most out of your exercising efforts, motion is always the best option or at least needs to be a part of your exercise routine.

The best way to start maximizing your workout and include the perfect balance is to identify the exercises that you particularly enjoy and make them a part of your workout regimen.

Enjoy your workout!

You don’t want to suck all the fun out of your workouts so including some of your favorite exercises from intense boot camp style exercise choices to Pilates, hula hooping or hiking will ensure that you stick to your exercise plan. Next identify which exercises deliver the best results based on what you want to accomplish. If you want to drop pounds fast, devote most of your workout time to a high intensity workout program like those provided by Chicago boot camp. If you just have time for a fast burn between work breaks, take a brisk walk with light free weights you have in the car, or dance to your favorite music while you clean house.

Weight training

When it comes to weight training you’ll want to keep a healthy balance. Sometimes the exercises will vary depending on your goal or the area you’re focusing on but you still want to go for an overall workout. You can combine squats with free weights as you work out both your biceps and calves and if you control your breathing you can workout your core at the same time. Make sure every area of your body gets the attention it needs and you’ll see results all over, sooner rather than later.

Diet Counts too. An important part of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is to treat your body like a temple, not trash can and eating less isn’t enough although it will help. The problem is we’ve gotten so used to eating massive amounts of the wrong kinds of food due in part to the ridiculous serving sizes that are so common today in restaurants and repeatedly thrown at us on TV; eating less of these serving sizes is far from being productive. On the other hand if the food choices you’re super sizing are salads or fresh fruit instead of fries you’re on the safe side. Your dietary balancing act is all about getting the right nutrients; basically fuel for the engine that is your body. Make sure that when you do eat you are getting the vitamins and nutritional benefits that can boost your metabolism, bulk up in muscle, help you lose fat and reduce the signs of aging. Living your best life isn’t about all or nothing; most everything is OK in moderation.

The end result of balancing your diet and exercise regimen is a reduction of stress, a good night’s sleep and of course a healthier, energy filled, vibrant you.