How To Prepare Your Own Gourmet Coffee Beverage

How To Prepare Your Own Gourmet Coffee Beverage

If you’re like many people, you get up with the thought of coffee going through your mind. If you’ve ever had one of those mornings where you just can’t get out of bed, you know very well just how powerful that cup of coffee can be to get you up and running.

For many though, this cup of coffee doesn’t come home brewed. Instead, they’re turning to the local coffee shop and picking up a gourmet beverage that comes complete with whip cream and all the fixings.

Little to do they realize however that they’re also packing in at least 300-500 calories with that cup of coffee, loads of sugar, and often a high amount of saturated fat as well.

If you want to save your diet, you need to say so-long to these coffee drinks.

So what can you have instead? The smarter solution is to come up with your own gourmet coffee beverage that will allow you to stick to your diet with ease.

Let’s show you how you can do just that so that your morning pick-me-up doesn’t destroy your diet.

Mix In Some Vanilla Protein

The very first thing that you should consider doing is rather than adding a bunch of whip cream to your morning cup of coffee, add in some vanilla protein powder as well.

This will add the creamy taste that you’re looking for but will actually add some nutrition that you need. While cream is high in saturated fat, the protein will contain the amino acids that your body needs to make a fast recovery from your hard workout sessions.

Many people already fall short in their protein intake as it is, so this can really help out.

Use Sugar Free Syrups

In addition to that, you should also consider using some sugar free syrups as well. This is one of the primary reasons that your gourmet coffee has such great flavor – they’re adding in sugar-filled syrups after preparation.

To slash at least 80 calories per serving, switch to sugar free instead. You can purchase these from your local specialty foods store or some coffee houses will even sell them by the bottle themselves as well.

Add Stevia Or Another Sweetener

To help make sure that you’re keeping the sugar content of that beverage down as best as possible, make sure that you aren’t adding excess sugar.

Instead, turn to Stevia or some other sweetener that contains no calories. The last thing you want is a rush of caffeine and sugar in your system, as when the crash hits, it’ll hit you hard.

Stevia will add the sweet taste and still be healthy for the body.

Use Cinnamon For Added Flavor

The last thing to consider is adding some cinnamon into the mix as well. Cinnamon is great for boosting the flavor and will not contain any calories either.

What’s more is that cinnamon can also help to control your blood glucose levels, so is perfect for those who do suffer from blood sugar insensitivities.

So next time you wake up in the morning with a craving for your favorite rich coffee drink, reconsider. Instead, think about preparing your own. It’ll be a much healthier choice and you’ll save yourself hundreds of calories in the process.