Heather Mathew

Heather Mathew

My experience completing the 6 week challenge was fantastic!  During past challenges I had watched others have dramatic results and seen the camaraderie, and I really wanted to be a part of it.  I am a competitive person by nature, so I knew that being a part of a team would help to keep me on track, as I wouldn’t want to let anyone down.   I thought that this might be a format that would work for me.

I felt the daily workouts and weekly challenges would not be a problem.  I like pushing myself, and found that during the last challenge when other people were completing the weekly exercises, I was curious to see how I might stack up.  Before competing in the challenge, I joined in with the participating challengers occasionally, but only in the exercises I knew I would probably be able to do.  This time, I had to do them all!  Some, I was definitely better at than others, but it was a great feeling to try a 3 minute challenge I knew I wouldn’t be very good at (wall sit) and not do as horribly as I had predicted.  I also thought it was pretty cool to see someone get their confidence knocked down on one challenge but then turn around and dominate the next one.  Equally cool was seeing someone struggle to do just a few push ups or inverted rows, and all the while the other challengers stood by shouting words of encouragement knowing those few push ups or rows were to be celebrated because it was that person giving their very best effort.


I was concerned initially about the nutrition.  It seemed to be a lot of information and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first.  Having other people on the same plan, at the same time, was extremely helpful.  If I didn’t understand what or when I was supposed to eat there were plenty of people who could simplify what I was struggling with.  Week one was a bit difficult, but that week I knew I would reap the rewards of my largest weight loss if I stayed strong.  Honestly, weeks 2 thru 6 seemed like I was eating constantly and was never hungry!  When I had weeks I became frustrated at my weight loss, or lack thereof, it was great to have Sean look at my logged meals and tweak my nutrition plan so it might work a bit better for me personally.  The importance of enough calories was probably the single most valuable thing that I learned.

Another concern I had was the Facebook postings.  I knew there would be a certain percentage of my friends who simply wouldn’t care what I was eating, or what exercise I was doing.  I also was slightly embarrassed to have to admit to my FB friends that I’d put myself in a position of needing to get my weight back under control.  I knew that by making those initial posts that I had just announced to all of my friends that I was on a mission, and knew that I’d be much more embarrassed if I had to explain why I didn’t finish what I started, so I quickly understood why the FB posts were important.  It wasn’t until a few weeks in that I realized how important they truly are.  I had so much support coming from so many different people who I would never have thought would have cared so much or been so proud of me.  I also think I really did inspire some people to make changes in their own lives and that gives me a lot of pride.  There comes a point in your life when you are a 40 something stay at home mom that pride in your own accomplishments is hard to come by.  I love my kids and husband and they continually do the most wonderful things (which I a m super happy to brag about), but I found that I really yearned to be proud of MYSELF.

I was thankful during the challenge to have a bit of swagger back in my step.  I’m thankful for all of the help, encouragement and information.  I’m also thankful for the 12 week follow up plan so I can keep the accountability up!  I still have a way to go to reach all of my goals, but I am definitely on my way 🙂

Thanks for it all,

Heather Mathew