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Dear NapervilleResident,

Health is more important than pretty much anything these days…and if you’re tired of worrying about how the extra pounds you’ve been carrying are affecting your health…or you’re starting to notice your energy slipping away…it could be time to make a change. With health clubs Naperville, you can lose the weight…but more importantly, learn how to keep it off for good!

We’re not offering another “get thin quick” program or an unhealthy diet plan for shedding five pounds overnight. Instead, we’re promoting a safe, fun and truly effective way to get healthy and take control of your fitness for real.

It’s easy to understand exactly why health clubs Naperville is so popular with your friends and neighbors…they LOVE looking great! And while that’s awesome…it pales by comparison to FEELING great.

Our workouts help you get into shape so you not only look better, but you actually ARE better too. It’s renewed energy, rejuvenated bodies and optimized health!

Health clubs Naperville members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they’re having a blast with others who are JUST LIKE THEM…there are no muscle heads or stuffy gym instructors to harass you or make you feel insecure…just happy, motivated people waiting to have fun and change their lives for the better!

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Karl W.

I needed help to get started on the path to weight loss and better health. I was not able to get started on my own. Before bootcamp, I started a diet and exercise program each morning, and by each evening I had already compromised the diet or the exercise. I need Zack, Liz, Kosta, Sean the way a baby duck needs it’s mother. Whatever the mother duck does, the baby duck will do. Zack is a “motherducker” and what I learned about myself is that I need that “motherducker”.

RESULTS !!! That is what I like most about boot camp and the results show me boot camp works.

Blood Pressure: 112 over 80.

Heart Rate: 60 beats per minute.

Weight Loss: 280 lbs to 255 lbs and dropping slowly.

My doctor is very happy with my progress.

Anyone that has been to the gym or other exercise classes knows all about the promises, the hype, the bad exercise routines. What I know is about is the results through my own personal experience. I don’t think it works, I know it works.

Getting through the routines is a huge accomplishment and very satisfying for me.

It is also satisfying to be able to keep up with the youngin’s.

Lifestyle change – My eating habits have changed (what I eat and when I eat it). Breakfast is now an important meal and not an afterthought or weekend indulgement (not a word). The evening meal is very light with a little protein. In short, my diet has changed and I am not dieting.

I do have more energy and work around the house and garden is easier (don’t tell my wife).


“Karl lost 27 lbs, 8{019a6cb0b70768d113d258b8e9390536ddf3ccb554e689564970a5272ba59677} body fat and 18 inches”

The results are just plain awesome…and the people in these photos are more than happy with the program…you can be too as long as you put in the time…

Remember, a little effort goes a long way…for LONG LASTING results you can depend on.

But let’s be serious…you’re the only one who can make long lasting changes to your health and fitness…and no matter how much you want it, if you can’t put in at least 2-3 hours every week for the’ll never work

But if you’re tired of worrying about your health and you’re ready to make a commitment…then let’s get you started right away towards an improved you…LEANER, TIGHTER and ready to face what lies ahead happy and healthy! Here’s what you need to do!

While we look forward to helping EVERYONE with our awesome program…we can’t and as a result, we have limited spots available. Make certain to grab yours today while there are still some available…health clubs Naperville fill up FAST…

So if you’re ready to experience improved health and get rid of that spare tire for good…

Put your information in the form below and don’t worry…there’s NO RISK because all your money will be refunded if you’re not TOTALLY psyched at the results…check out our guarantee below!