Great Cleavage Boosting Exercises

Great Cleavage Boosting Exercises

For the ladies out there who are interested in improving their physique and developing a more feminine appearance, one thing that you’ll want to be sure you’re doing is performing some good cleavage boosting exercises.

Many women make the mistake of avoiding all chest work entirely because they believe this will just cause them to develop a very muscular chest, reducing the softness of that region and decreasing the amount of cleavage they show.

This isn’t the case.

The primary reason why some women appear to look flat chested after performing chest workouts is simply because they’re taking their body fat level too low, which is then causing them to lose breast tissue.  Since the breasts are primarily made up of fatty tissue, any time weight loss is seen this is going to be an issue.

As long as you maintain your body fat levels in a healthy range, you should have no problem creating the cleavage look you’re after while keeping chest workouts in the picture.

This said, which exercises are best for enhancing your look of cleavage?

Let’s have a look at the top choices that you should be looking at.


The first can’t-miss cleavage building exercise is the push-up.  This one is great for females who aren’t going to a gym as it can easily be performed right in the comfort of your own home and with so many different variations that can be done, it’s relatively easy to make sure that you’re constantly challenged.

If you need to start out performing push-ups on your knees at first, so be it.  Progress to the full push-up from there.

Bench Press

Next the bench press is the second exercise that you might want to consider adding into the workout program.  The bench press is a terrific strength builder and will hit not only the chest muscles, but the triceps, shoulders, and biceps as well.

This means that it will help you burn more total calories per workout that you complete, enhancing the rate of fat loss that you see.

When performing the bench press make sure that you don’t place the hands too close together however as this will take some of the focus off the chest muscles and place it on the triceps instead.

If you want to see maximum chest building potential, this needs to be avoided.

Chest Fly’s

Finally, the last of the exercises to add into your upper body workout routine if you want to enhance your chest development is the chest fly.

This one is especially great for building up a higher amount of cleavage as it’s going to work the muscles right in that mid-chest section that pull the breasts together and upwards.

When performing it, make sure that you breathe in and out slowly as you move through the action pattern and don’t let yourself lower the weights too far.

You only want to feel a comfortable stretch across the chest – never a pull.

So there you have the main exercises that you should consider as you go about your workout program.  If you can make sure that you get these into the picture at least twice per week, you should be seeing positive changes to your level of cleavage shortly.