Goals Setting Guide For Ultimate Weight Loss in 2012

Goals Setting Guide For Ultimate Weight Loss in 2012

Research shows that 83% of people that make resolutions never stick to them.

The truth is: Resolutions SUCK.

They are just things that we hope to attain and if we don’t it just becomes ANOTHER thing that we didn’t follow through on.

Don’t let this be YOU!

This year let’s try something different.

This year let’s set a realistic GOALS.

When we wish something we kinda hope they will end up being true.

When you set a GOAL you know that you will make it happen no matter what circumstances or obstacles end up being in you way.

What will be your GOAL this year?  

What is it you are going to accomplish this year DESPITE all the obstacles that stand in your way?

Let me help you out…

Here’s your 5 step plan to setting a goal:

1. Set a goal.  Make it specific and positive.

Example:  One of our clients has already lost more than 20 pounds from her body and she finally wants to get back to weighing 135 pounds.

Make this goal realistic.

2. Set a deadline for completion.

Goals need deadlines so we need to figure out our progress and see if we are on track.

3. Set a reward.

This is where most people mess up.  They work so hard for their goals yet they don’t reward themselves in the end.

Set a reward for yourself when you accomplish your goal.

The trick is to make the reward so appealing that you will do anything to make it a reality.

Tim Ferris says, “A trip to Ohio doesn’t really motivate me but I will run through walls for a month long catamaran trip around the Greek islands.”

4. Make a plan to achieve it.

List out all the things you need to do to achieve this goal.

To achieve different things in our lives we must do things differently.  List out all the aspects you need to make this goal a reality.

– Workouts

– Nutrition

– Social Support

– Before and Afters

– Measurements

List out EVERTHING and get it done.

5. When all the work is done, you have achieved your goal (or gotten close to it) make sure you look back at all the progress you have made up to that point and adjust if needed.

We are always caught up with the process that we sometimes forget about where we came from.  We get stuck feeling as if we haven’t accomplished anything. Stop yourself for a second and realize where you came from.

This will make you more appreciative of where you are at this moment.

So let’s put this GOAL together for our client:

Her goal is to weigh in at 135 pounds by March 2012 and her reward to herself would be a week long vacation.

Dedicate yourself to your goal and nothing will stop you from achieving it.  After reading this set your goal now using the 5 step plan I gave you above.

Success loves speed so TAKE ACTION now.

To your health and fitness,

Zack & Kosta

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