Gayle Winn

Gayle Winn

My name is Gayle Winn and I heard about Top Level through neighborhood friends and thought I’d try it when I saw a Groupon for it. I have been overweight since the birth of my 3rd child and so frustrated. I have tried everything. My initial goal for the 6 weeks challenge was simply to follow the plan for the entire time. That has been one of my biggest obstacles. I do something for a week or two and then fizzle out. The 6 week program was definitely an adjustment. I am used to eating whatever I want and having 3 active kids- eating out a lot. I never planned meals. At first it was hard to think ahead about what I was going to eat, but a few weeks in, it became pretty easy. The training was challenging, as it always is, but do-able. The trainers are amazing. They encourage and push without being mean about it.


Top Level Fitness is like no other gym I have ever been to. And I’ve tried them all. It is a small family that likes to laugh, work hard and encourage each other. The trainers truly care about us and our journey. I missed a week and I got texts asking if I was okay and if I needed anything. They are invested in me and my progress. And this wasn’t even during the challenge! They really care and take the time to check on me and my progress.

The 6 week challenge has definitely worked for me. I have lost 12.2 pounds in 6 weeks! More importantly, it has taught me how to eat healthy and be satisfied. I have exercised before, but it is WHAT/ how much I eat that is so very important. The training has totally made me a stronger person- both physically and mentally. I have more confidence than I have in years. I feel good about myself. Finally.

The workouts may seem intimidating at first, but they are structured in such a way that an overweight 40 something woman can work out next to a buff young thing and get just as good as a workout. You adjust the workout (weights/reps) with what works for YOU. No one is watching you (except the trainers), because they are focused on their workout. The workout moves quickly so you can’t worry about anyone but yourself. You just focus on the exercise you are doing at the moment. It goes really fast.

Why did this finally work for me? I learned what to eat and to take the time to plan ahead and not just grab something to eat. I learned to question what I put in my mouth. Really, I didn’t allow myself to be lazy about my eating. I took charge. That’s empowering and I totally saw results. A salad here and there just doesn’t cut it. I read back what I just wrote and I laugh because over the years I have read that a 1,000 times in magazines on how to lose weight. What made a difference for me this time was the support, guidance and accountability from the trainers & my fellow workout family at Top Level Fitness.

I have learned that I CAN do this. That the excuses have to stop. I need to take charge in my own happiness and keep going. I feel like me again and I am not embarrassed anymore. I can’t thank Top Level enough. Now to go after the next 20 pounds!