Four Great Sources Of Essential Fats You Should Be Eating Regularly

Four Great Sources Of Essential Fats You Should Be Eating Regularly

If you’re looking to maximize your health and see the best fat loss results possible, one thing that you must be doing is making sure that you consume enough essential fats.

Essential fats are going to be important for keeping your heart and brain healthy, for regulating your blood glucose levels, and for fending off diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Yet, most people are still falling short in this vital nutrient.

Unless you’re making a conscious effort each and every day to get in enough, the chances are high that you won’t be taking in as much as you should be.

Let’s look at four great sources of essential fats that you should make sure you’re consuming in your diet plan regularly.


The first great source of essential fats is salmon.  Salmon is not only a good source of this important nutrient, but also a great source of protein as well.  Since most people are also falling short in their protein intake as well, this combination is really an excellent way to meet your daily dietary needs.

Salmon is going to support lean muscle mass building while helping to boost your rate of fat loss.


The second excellent source of essential fats that you should be consuming is flaxseeds.  Flaxseeds are great because not only do they contain omega fats, they’re also rich in fiber as well as offer a small amount of protein as well.

This makes them ideal for adding into foods for a little extra crunch or texture.

Flaxseeds contain just a hundred calories per two tablespoons, so make sure you don’t overlook adding these to your day.


Another source of essential fats to start adding to your diet is walnuts.  Most people commonly choose almonds to snack on or will go in for some peanut butter, but neither of those offer the essential fats like walnuts do.

Walnuts offer a great change of pace and can easily be added to salads or any main dishes that you’re preparing.

Just do note that they are quite calorie dense so you’ll want to keep your portion size in mind so that you aren’t over consuming in terms of your total calorie intake.

Hemp Hearts

Finally, the last of the essential fat rich foods to begin adding to your diet are hemp hearts.  Hemp hearts are also high in protein, fiber, as well as will pack in a wide number of vitamins and minerals.

Hemp hearts are a food that most people have never heard of before, so make sure that you pick some up at the grocery store to give a try.  You might just find that they’re one of your new favourite foods to add to liven up any dish.

So there you have four ways to meet your essential fatty acid needs.  Using food sources rather than supplements is a far better way to go about your diet plan.