Fitness Plan that Works

Fitness Plan that Works

You are a whole, beautiful package!

One of the top reasons most fitness plans don’t work is because we’re so busy working on one area of our bodies that we end up neglecting the others.

One good example is deciding we want to slim down our stomachs and spend all our time doing sit ups and the flab just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. The fact is you have to burn off those layers of fat before those nice, firm abs can peek out.

And how about working out the lower core area????

Efficient fitness plan need to include every muscle from your neck, shoulders and arms to your calves; every muscle group needs attention including stretching, toning and cardio.
An intense cardio workout combined with strength training, and in the right combinations, will take any workout routine from being downright boring to fun and inspiring.

Fitness Plan should be exciting!

If they are not, participants will quickly descend into monotony and just give up.  You have to give yourself that push and get the results you want; you deserve it!

You deserve It

There are several factors that need to be included in the perfect health and fitness plan including the following:

1. Commitment and determination! Constantly remind yourself of what you’re trying to accomplish; nothing in life is achieved without passion, commitment and a determination.


Woman exercising

2. Eat healthier!

Healthy eatingDevelop a diet plan that offers you all the nutrients and vitamins you need and of course proteins if you are trying to lean and toned body, watch your calorie intake, and if you are really serious about getting rid of that belly bulge, reduce the bad fats and some of the carbs you’re taking in. You need a little bit of healthy fats in your diet, and definitely carbs, but most of us are already consuming much more than is necessary, in unhealthy quantities. You’ll be surprised at how energized you’ll feel when you’re not overloaded with unhealthy calories and the right exercises will take your energy levels over the top!

3. Develop a workout plan that is a fun. 

Workout PlanCombination of cardio, strength training that target all your muscle groups, including tools like Kettlebells, free weights and an intense series of cardio exercises. Most important of all, continually challenge yourself. You might want to consider boot camp exercises because while being intense they are always an exciting and fast way to get an overall body workout. A good boot camp program can also be very stimulating and the perfect option for those of us who need inspiration in a team like atmosphere.



4. Once you have your fitness plan in place stick to it! The best part of an overall body workout is that they aren’t as time consuming, especially if you make it an intense workout, because you’ll get more out of the time you put into it.  Don’t just spend hours doing sit ups, or pump up your biceps and ignore all other muscles. Find the ideal overall body workout, throw yourself into it with wild abandon, and don’t forget the cardio!!!

5. Lastly, you can still have a social life.  (Just Be Careful!)

social Life

I have to share an experience I had the other night. I went out to dinner with a group of friends to a well known restaurant that is part of a chain in the U.S. It’s known for its large portion sizes but I figured I could just have them bag up a significant amount and take it home. What I ended up finding out was that it wasn’t just the portion sizes that were over the top but the sauce and crazy amount of cheese layered on top as well; Yikes! I’ve been watching what I eat for the last few months and haven’t been dining out as much so I have to say this experience was a major eye opener. I’d guess the toppings poured on my chicken probably amounted to more calories than the chicken, vegetables and even the dessert I could have enjoyed; probably a whopping 3 days worth of calories in one meal! Worst of all have you ever enjoyed leftovers after they’ve sat in the refrigerator overnight in congealed goop? I don’t think so! Well, the moral of my story is; make it a habit to order any rich, creamy sauces, and even salad dressings, on the side and if you need to have cheese on it, peel excessive amounts off or order “light”!
You can enjoy your favorite dishes but ordering the fattening toppings on the side will not only allow you to taste your main course without covering up the flavors, but also gives you the opportunity enjoy your comfort foods without defeating your weight loss goals. “Dip Instead of Pour” should become your new mantra and you’ll save yourself a significant amount of calories! Moderation has always been an important key to weight loss success, and when you are trying to lose weight you have to be careful about where you indulge and where you don’t. It’s fairly common for people to eat crackers straight out of the box and eventually wondering why they aren’t loosing weight! You sure wouldn’t thing a few crackers could cause so much trouble but they can, and are often high in unhealthy fats as well. Instead, pour a few in a small bowl to enjoy with your soup or a bit of sliced cheese and be sure to read the nutritional information on the box before you buy.

Choosing to enjoy condiments, creamy gravy’s and high fat cheeses on the side will save you a significant amount of calories and you really won’t miss the absence of these goopy, flavor stealing toppings. You’ll enjoy your meal just as much and with the calories you save can even enjoy a little dessert! Moderation doesn’t mean giving up the things you love it means just going light!

The “On the Side” rule of thumb will make it easy to enjoy going out with your friends. As a matter of fact, if you use common sense and follow this rule, you’ll enjoy a social life instead of sitting on the couch at home, mindlessly snacking in front of the TV.

By making just a few lifestyle adjustments, you can enjoy everything you love without gaining weight.

And if you do end of blowing it, don’t beat yourself up; just compensate for it with an intense workout, get back on track, and repeat after me “Dip Instead of Pour!”

Most importantly, remember what we said about fitness plan. Stay motivated, stay consistant, change it up!