Exercise: It keeps you healthy and happy!

Exercise: It keeps you healthy and happy!

Exercise.  Most of us aren’t thrilled with the idea.

We come up with excuses not to exercise like our busy schedules; we can’t afford a gym membership and even blame it on our moods. The fact is most people don’t get enough exercise and without being active, you’re sure to gain weight and the lack of exercise will eventually lead to health issues.

So get of the couch and get some exercise!

Fitting physical activity into your life reduces the risk of heart disease, strengthens your joints, reduces the risk of cancer, lowers cholesterol, improves your mood, reduces stress and boosts your energy levels.

There simply isn’t a down side to exercising!

ExerciseThat being said, don’t limit your physical activity to just the gym! Always look for opportunities to burn calories. You’ve heard the tricks – always take the stairs, park at the opposite end of the parking lot, if you’re close enough to your destination to walk; walk don’t drive. You’ll be surprised how these little ways of being active can add up to pounds lost.

It’s easy to get in the mindset that you need to work out at a certain time and that it has to take place at the gym, doing the same exercises, day in and day out. This kind of workout regimen can become so boring that you start to dread the gym or your treadmill at home; leading an active life is so much more! There are a lot of ways to get cardio from running along the beach or through the park with your dog, rollerblading with the kids, dancing around the house while you clean. Doesn’t that sound more fun than the same old workout at the gym? Not to say gyms aren’t a good idea. A lot of people enjoy going to the gym, particularly if it’s one that offers a variety of workouts like Top Level Fitness does!

You have a lot of choices when it comes to exercise.


It can be socially, trying new workout programs with your friends, maybe trying a boot camp workout to challenge yourself, or even a personal training. If you need time alone, plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite music while you power walk through the neighborhood, a great way to clear your head and unwind. Any of the above will leave you feeling renewed and proud of yourself as well. Feel like you’re too tired to do anything after dinner? Tell yourself you’ll just take a 10 minute walk and chances are you’ll go further. Finding new ways to be active, taking different routes, choosing different parks and even with different people can make being active a lot more interesting and fun.

Everyone has to start somewhere! Choose what type of exercise you can do easily, and build on it. It can also be really satisfying seeing how much you improve. If you are serious about getting healthier, losing weight, gaining muscle, and whatever else your goals might be, making the effort to stay active will deliver results. Remember, you’re special and you deserve to be the best that you can be and the chance to live a long and healthy life. Make a promise to yourself to be active and often. If you’re at the point that you want to challenge yourself, check out your local boot camp training schedule for exercise that will deliver, fast, long term results.