Exercise in as little as 20 minutes per day!

Exercise in as little as 20 minutes per day!

Take 20!


Have you been avoiding exercise because you feel there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it all?

…Well, that’s simply no excuse and I’ll tell you why.

In just a measly 20 minutes a day you can improve you mood, increase your energy level and even boost your health.

Take 20 minutes to do an activity that elevates your heart rate – try walking, jogging, biking, or swimming.

No matter what kind of activities you have access to or how busy your life is, you have no excuse for not exercising. You’re only hurting yourself by ignoring it and while that downtime you get might seem better spent sitting on the couch or playing video games, you should take just a slice of it and give your hard working body the attention it deserves. Taking fitness a bit more seriously isn’t very difficult and it can be accomplished quickly. Working out is about surprising your body with intense workouts and making it perform in order to progressively get stronger and healthier. I guess what I’m saying is; make the most out of your 20 minutes. Put effort into working your muscles and pushing yourself and you’ll feel fantastic and improve your health and well being.

In 20 minutes you can do a lot, or a little. It’s a type of time segment that is what you make out of it. You can watch one episode of a TV show in this amount of time or you can take the initiative to do something beneficial for your body. The choice is yours and if you want to be a leaner, healthier and stronger person then you best start making better decisions for your life. Once you start getting into the habit of setting aside at least 20 minutes a day you’ll start to see progress and gain momentum, and before you know it; you’ll be challenging yourself to do more. It’s a fact that once you start to see progress you’ll be encouraged to push yourself to the next level

Take your 20 minutes a day to focus on what you want to accomplish. If you want to have lean, well toned arms do push ups 3 days a week and free weights the other 3. Mix it up! By keeping your routine fresh you’ll be able to enjoy it more and every day you’ll feel like you are doing something different. Mixing up your routine also makes your body have to re-adjust each time and keeps your muscles from the same amount of tension, delivering an overall workout.

As you continue devoting 20 minutes a day to exercising, start adding on a few minutes each day. You don’t need a set workout schedule, just little free spots throughout your week which can be better spent taking a brisk walk or some weight lifting while you watch television. There is always an exercise that will work with your schedule, so get to it!

If you really don’t know where to start, or how to make the most out of your precious 20 minutes, or maybe just need motivation, consider making an appointment with a local boot camp program professional. The right boot camp will offer a variety of programs to suite your needs and they are a great place to learn the right way to exercise to get fast results.