Evolution of Fitness Technology

Evolution of Fitness Technology
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It seems that everyone today has a smartphone with all the latest apps and gadgets, some of which are seldom used. To keep up with the growing technology, many companies have joined the bandwagon and created various applications geared toward the health and fitness market. There are apps that provide an overview of some general health advice and ones that very specifically help users track their daily intake and output of calories and energy. There are many free apps out there, but others require a fee to download. Some of these are more helpful than others, but there truly is something for everyone. Choosing the right application for a specific need may seem overwhelming, but there are few guidelines that make the process of finding an appropriate app bearable.

First, try to find an app that is free. Depending on the different cell phone provider, some apps do not have any fees associated with them and of course, if they perform adequately, these are the way to go. It is also important that the applications do not take up too much room or use too much data, especially if it is used throughout the day. If choosing an app that does require a fee or monthly subscription, it is important to know that the program serves the intended purpose and will be useful.

Applications that perform many functions may be overwhelming or simply too time-consuming for the average user. In theory, it may seem helpful to have an app that gives a play-by-play of the daily activities and analyzes every meal and exercise. However, if this type of program requires constant input from the user throughout the day, it is likely to be abandoned rather quickly. Some more suitable alternatives include pedometer apps that offer fewer features but are easy to use and do not require data entry on a constant basis. These apps can sync overnight after just one or two entries throughout the day that give an account for meals and any additional activities. The pedometer feature is easy to use and some apps have standalone step counters, while others are only effective with a special adapter that can be worn, attached to the body or even inserted inside a running shoe.

Whatever applications are used to monitor diet and exercise, they should be user-friendly. With so many choices available, every individual will be able to select the specific features that are most important to their diet and/or exercise regime.