Erin Monahan

Erin Monahan

I heard about Top Level Fitness through Facebook. I joined the 20 Ib challenge and started working out 5 days a week, I got a nutritional plan, and started to notice changes almost right away. My ability during workout increased, and my body started to change.

My first impression was very good. There are different exercises and I got to work on different muscle groups. The guidance throughout the workout is great and extremely helpful. The consistency of the program is good, it is always challenging and pushing you to the next level. I feel like my over-all health is important to all the staff, receiving calls and advices from the trainers. By the time I leave the gym, no matter how much I will struggle throughout the workout, I walk out of here exhausted and I love it. I feel good about what I’ve been doing. I discovered I have a lot of will power thanks to the support that is being given from the staff.

Sign up and don’t over think it! Just do it! If I can do it, everybody can do it.

It feels good to workout in a group that is very accepting. No one cares what I wear, no one cares if my outfit matches, no one cares about me sweating, and there are different levels of fitness and everyone can get the most out of each workout because of the different modifications that are provided.