Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

“Filler er Up” and Still Lose Weight

Yes – you can eat to your heart’s content, satisfying your appetite without a “Guilt” filled aftermath. That being said, we’re not talking about stuffing yourself with an entire pizza or your favorite fried chicken and mashed potatoes or eating a huge bowl of cereal before bedtime. We’re talking about everything in moderation with wise choices the majority of the time. This may sound easier said than done but if you are serious about making healthy lifestyle changes, you can pull it off by building a few simple, effective habits.

If you’re a snacker, keep crunchy foods close at hand throughout the day like carrots, celery or even a few nuts. This may not sound thrilling but once you make it habit you’ll fill up, feel satisfied and not pack on weight because you’ll be avoiding that candy bar! It is also a fact that crunchy foods take longer to chew and they mentally make you feel more gratified.

Next time you drive down the road and see your favorite little diner and your friends want stop there for lunch, don’t sweat it, go on and eat there but watch what you eat!

In order to eat healthy, you do NOT need to give up everything delicious!

…Just don’t grab that hamburger and greasy French fries loaded with salt! Instead just order a robust salad with the dressing on the side and a cup of vegetable soup, or order a grilled chicken sandwich. You don’t have to deny yourself tasty food with your friends; just pick the healthier alternative. With today’s society finally beginning to get the picture about eating healthy, just about every restaurant is beginning to carry healthy alternatives that make it easier to enjoy dining out without the guilt. Some of these restaurants are even listing the nutritional information about their meals, making it even easier to stay on track. Best of all, most of these healthier choices taste delicious! If you feel cheated if you can’t have dessert, go ahead and enjoy one; just share it with your friends.

There are so many options when it comes to eating, even if you’re trying to lose weight.

Don’t pigeon hole yourself! If the salads you prepare for yourself don’t fill you up, toss in sweet, delicious fruit like strawberries, blueberries, pears, blackberries and some red onion and top it off with a raspberry vinaigrette. A salad loaded with fresh fruits when they are in season will taste like dessert and will satisfy all kinds of things including your appetite and sweet cravings. A hearty vegetable salad rocks too and the fresher the better.

One thing people tend to do on diets is go for extremes, cutting out favorite foods, hardly eating anything with over 200 calories, and ultimately starving themselves in order to get in shape, but this is not only a bad idea because it will sap your energy; it won’t motivate and guarantees failure! A starvation diet is not a sustainable diet, and that means that even if you reach your goal eventually you are going to cave in and you’ll be back to square one. Instead eat to your heart’s content and just make sure whatever you are shoving in your mouth is something that isn’t going to lead to a total body cover-up this summer. In addition, you don’t want to eat more than it takes to get full.

Eat slowly, eat healthy and soon enough you’ll achieve the results you want!